College Education Comparison Between America And Vietnam Assignment

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Nowadays, in a modern world, college education takes an important part for people who want good living. The united States has many top colleges and universities in the world, so a lot of International students get here. Among all international students in the U. S. , the number of Vietnamese International students is ranked ninth.

As an immigrant student, experience two semesters In a Vietnamese university and two years in Northern Virginia Community College, comprehend that there are many saltcellars and differences between college education In America and Vietnam In many regions, especially In education systems, technology and schooling locals. The college systems of America and Vietnam have many points in common. For example, students usually take tour years in universities to gain a BAA degree.

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In the first two years, students will take some general classes, this helps students accumulate basic knowledge and skills before taking major subjects. They also can earn Associate of Art certificate in communicate colleges to transfer to four years universities to get a BAA degree. Moreover, students will have to take some compulsory classes which are required for the majors they follow. Beside the similar points between American and Vietnamese education. Free hanging major in colleges of the U. S. Is one of various differences.

In America, students can declare their new majors at any time and many times as they wish, while Vietnamese students are unable to do even a single time or It would be certainly complicating In additional, American students can study many majors at a same time, usually they take a main major and a minor major. It is really convenience in the U. S. Colleges to earn a minor major degree, since students do not have to take the subjects which are already In the mall major’s programs of study. So, many students in America graduate with more than one degree and that give them unhindered opportunities.

When comparing the education systems between America and Vietnam, technology cannot be unmentionable. Nowadays, college education In Vietnam has been developed a lot, using supporting devices, tools and machine for teaching and learning, many equipment are as convenient as those in America; still only big universities are equipped and have to use UN-Vietnamese books. Therefore, the needed mum In class In Vietnamese colleges Is longer than American ones, since instructors usually read or write on black board the lectures or for their students to take note, and that makes students have less time to study and research by homeless.

On the contrary, In the U. S. , colleges give full facilities to teachers and students to enhance education quality, shorten the in class time, and then students have plenty of time to do their researches and studies. Furthermore, American students can take the Extended Learning Institute courses which contain hybrid courses, online course and telecommuters, while the Vietnamese colleges are unable to carry out.

The ELI courses give students flexible schedules tofu winch are Important Tort students won are working Ana studying, so teen can manage to earn more income for their living, tuitions or entertainment, etc. Additionally, the purposes of education in America and Vietnam are very distinct. Vietnamese colleges improve national moral which helps students understand social circumstances , environment, and lifestyle of the people; helps students understand the history of the country, love their homeland, the customs value of the country.

On the other hand, American colleges develop democratic and scientific spirit supports students organize working in groups that developed independent spirit through community and collective consciousness, supports students be able to recognize the values cultural of mankind. In my opinion, colleges in Vietnam train students to become talented people while American colleges make students become responsible citizens. Before I moved to the U. S. , I expected that I would study in a college which have enough equipment and quality teachers.

However, for two years, I have experienced the best education that I ever imagined. The professors whose classes that I took were very nice, skilled and helpful. In America, education quality and responsibility of instructors are highly dignities by giving students the survey sheets after each courses to have feedback room students, the students will rate the quality of the courses, inductors and give their ideas how to improve the courses’ quality.

Now I understand why the education in America is in the top of the world. In conclusion, through the comparison between college education in the U. S. And Vietnam, we see there are vast differences and similarities in three facts: education systems, technology and goals of schooling. However, the distinction is still enormous, which means Vietnamese people and international students must acquire assignments from the United States and struggle with all abilities to develop the country.

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