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Only in these cases will the student be allowed to make up missed class work or missed exams Arriving ate to class: : Coming to class 5 minutes after the start of class time is considered late, and 3 latest will count as 1 absence. Coming to class 10 minutes late will be considered as an absence. 1 Medical emergency counts for only verifiable communicable diseases and unforeseen, beyond the student’s control, hospitalizing. It needs to be documented by the hospital (not a clinic, much less a private practice doctor) and will be verified. The student must provide proof for, God forbid, the death of an immediate family member. In such a case, the student will be excused for three days. Cell Phone/Laptop/leap Policy All electronic devices are not allowed during exams (except calculators under the instructor permission); most notably, cell phones are not allowed even in off mode. An irrevocable score zero (O) will be assigned to any student caught with a cell phone and may be subject to further disciplinary measures. Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones, Pads or laptops during regular classes.

Any student caught using any of these devices will be instructed to leave the classroom and will be given a full absence for that reticular lecture. Academic Integrity Students are expected to maintain academic integrity at all times and to seek assistance from the instructor when uncertain. Students who engage in activities which misrepresent their academic work through plagiarism, cheating and falsification infractions of academic integrity will be subject to serious disciplinary measures, ranging from a zero grade in that assessment to the dismissal from the university altogether.

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All aspects of the course are covered by these rules, including homework, lab reports, course reports, quizzes, and exams. Consequences of Misconduct When discipline and misconduct issues become apparent, a student will initially receive a verbal warning as a reminder to respect the professor’s authority during class time. If this misconduct during class time occurs few more times, the student will be terminally dismissed from the particular course or from the university altogether.

Late Homework Assignments, Lab reports, and Exams Late assignments including homework and lab reports will not be accepted; they must be completed on the day they are due to receive credit. There is no revision to make-up for missed homework assignments, labs, quizzes, midterm or final exams except under reasons deemed acceptable by your professor (refer to attendance policy section). The professor is expected to return promptly the grades of homework assignments, lab reports, quizzes, and midterm exams and to go over them with proper feedback and solutions.

Grades will be posted within a maximum of one week after the day on which the assessment was offered. Lines of Communication If you have any concern or suggestion, it is imperative to follow the following steps in the order they are listed: 1. First, talk to your professor to resolve your Issue. 2. Second, if your issue has merit and was not resolved by your professor in a reasonable time frame, you may then contact the Chair of the Department. 3.

Third, if your issue has merit to be escalated further along the hierarchy, you may then contact the Vice Dean for Academic & Student Affairs. The Vice Dean will address your issue on time. 4. Failure to give due chance and time to resolving your issue with your professor, your Department Head, and your Vice Dean, and going above their heads straight to the Dean or to the Provost, ill certainly invite disciple nary measures for not adhering to the institutional lines of communication outlined above.

Notes: 1. If your issue has no merit, learn to take NO for an answer; do not expect a miracle from the Department Chair nor from the Vice Dean. 2. Students are discouraged from nagging their professors to extract undeserved higher grades. Students who engage in this behavior will be automatically barred from consideration when their professors study borderline cases for possible slight grade improvement at the end of the semester.

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