Syllabus Advanced Corporate Finance Spring Assignment

Syllabus Advanced Corporate Finance Spring Assignment Words: 334

Academic Integrity Integrity is critical to the learning process and to all that we do here at NYU Stern. As members of our community, all students agree to abide by the NYU Stern Student Code of Conduct, which includes a commitment to: Exercise integrity in all aspects of one’s academic work including, but not limited to, the preparation and completion of exams, papers and all other course requirements by not engaging in any method or means that provides an unfair advantage. Clearly acknowledge the work and efforts of others when submitting written work as one’s own.

Ideas, data, direct quotations (which should be designated with quotation marks), paraphrasing, creative expression, or any other incorporation of the work of others should be fully referenced. Refrain from behaving in ways that knowingly support, assist, or in any way attempt to enable another person to engage in any violation of the Code of Conduct or other School and University policies that are deemed to adversely affect the NYU Stern community. To help ensure the integrity of our learning community, prose assignments you submit to NYU Classes will be submitted to Turning.

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Turning ill compare your submission to a database of prior submissions to Turning, current and archived Web pages, periodicals, Journals, and publications. Additionally, your document will become part of the Turning database. The entire Stern Student Code of Conduct applies to all students enrolled in Stern courses and can be found here: Undergraduate College: http://www. Stern. NYU. Du/ us/coeducation General conduct & behavior Arrive to class in time. If for some reason you must be late or leave early or miss a class please let me know in advance.

Laptop computers may not be used during class time unless when cussing a valuation assignment. Students are also expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards of professional conduct and behavior. Please familiarize yourself with Steer’s Policy in Regard to In-Class Behavior & Expectations.

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