Child abuse Assignment

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You will analyze writing and writing situations, critically think about writing, and develop and present ideas in essays. Learning Outcomes Office: AAA Phone:9888348182 1 . Identify and use techniques of argument and persuasion that meet the expectations of scholarly readers, 2. Summarize and paraphrase the arguments of other writers, 3. Analyze and critique published arguments, 4. Write argumentative essays and a research paper in a recognized style sheet, 5. Demonstrate competence in writing processes, including generating ideas, drafting, soliciting feedback, revising, editing, and proofreading, 6.

Demonstrate competence in scholarly conventions of syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, 7. Demonstrate competence with a variety of technologies of writing and research, 8. Demonstrate an awareness of how scholarly situations shape scholarly conventions of writing. Required Resources Texts: 1 . The Little Brown Handbook by Jane E Aaron, Pearson Longhand 2. They Say/’ Say: The moves that matter in academic writing by Gerald Graff and Cathy Bernstein, Norton and Company Supplemental Resources You will also need a good dictionary and a thesaurus.

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Preferably you should have Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary and Regret’s Thesaurus. Methods of Evaluation The course will be evaluated on the basis of various activities including mid-term exams and final exams. Other activities for evaluation purpose will be class quizzes [tests ,summarizing and various types of essays. Words), one of which will be written under supervision, and one which will have a demonstrable research and documentation component. Assignment 1. Test on syntax and paragraphing. 2. Mid term Exam 3. Argumentative Essay on a topic discussed in class 4. N class essay on analyzing a prescribed text. 5 . Research Essay proposal 6. Research Essay (2000 Words) 7. Final Exam Value 5% Due on/Date of Conduct September 21 October 7-October 13 October 19 November 2 November 9 November 16 November 30 The management reserves the right to deduct 2% of marks for a class missed. References Written assignments must use the PAP style of referencing. See the PAP homepage for more information: https://www. Epistyle. Org/. English Standards Assignments must be free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Grading Scale Grades will be assigned according to the following scale.

Grade A+ BC+ c NC Percent Equivalent 95 – 100 90 _ 94 85 – 89 80-84 75 – 79 70 -? 74 65 – 69 60-64 55- 59 50-54 O -? 49 Point 4. 33 4. 00 3. 67 3. 33 3. 00 2. 67 2. 33 2. 00 1. 67 1. 00 0. 00 Interpretation Above Average Average Pass No credit (fail) Academic Misconduct Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, giving and receiving information during any test or exam, using unauthorized sources of information during any test; popularizing; fabrication, cheating, and, misrepresenting the work of another person as your own, facilitation of academic misconduct, and under certain conditions, nonattendance.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. You must reference your work and acknowledge sources with in-text citations and a complete list of references. This includes direct and indirect quotes, diagrams, charts, figures, pictures and written material. For group projects, the responsibility for academic integrity, which can result in academic misconduct and its resulting penalties, rests with each person in the group and sanctions would be bourn by each member. For more information see I-JP’ 2013 Handbook & Policy Manual.

No electronic dictionaries, cell phones, computers or other electronic devices will be allowed in exams/tests/quizzes. Only approved calculators may be used in course tests requiring such an instrument. No other materials will be allowed on the desktop apart from a pen/pencil unless specifically approved by the faculty member. Assignments PAPER There will be a mid term exam of 20% weight and final term exam of 30% weight. TESTS The rest of the weight will include various assignments as described in the detailed course schedule.

DEADLINES Assignments must be submitted on time – at the beginning of class, on the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted except under extreme extenuating circumstances (documented illness), and will receive a "O” grade). Detailed Course Schedule Date Topic August 31 a. Course Introduction b. Review of Syntax and Punctuation(The Little Brown Handbook(LBS), Part 5) c. Avoiding Plagiarism(LBS Part 7, sub part 53) 2 September 7 a. The writing process(LBS Part 1, sub parts 3,4,5) b. Thesis, drafting and revising 3 September 14 a. The writing process(continued) b.

LBS Part 1, sub part 6 c. Paragraphs and paragraph writing 4 a. Assignment I(Test on Syntax and Punctuation) b. Summarizing(They say, I say Part 1 chapter 2) c. Critical thinking and reading(LBS Part 2 sub part 10) 5 a. Argument essay persuasion(LBS Part 2, sub part 1 1) 6 October 5 a. The art of quoting(They say, I say Part 1 chapter 3) b. MEAL format for citation(LBS Part 8, sub part 46) 7 October 12 MIDTERM 8 a. Assignment 2 due (Argumentative essay on a topic discussed in class) b. Finding evaluating sources(LBS Part 7 sub part 42 and 43) c.

Proposal for research essay 9 October 26 a. Critical reading and responses. 10 analyzing a prescribed text) b. Critiquing an argument. 11 a. Spelling and mechanics (LBS Part 6) 12 a. Research Essay 13 November 23 a. Review of key terms and preparing for exams Novel -DCE 8 Final Exam Week Readings Assignments Assignment 1 (In Class) Assignment 2 Due Assignment 3(Len class) Research Essay Due Final Exam will be scheduled during the exam period. Note: The above course schedule is subject to change. It’s the student’s responsibility to be aware of all schedule changes announced in the class.