Nyria Madison School Bullying Paper Assignment

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Smith that I am pursuing my masters in Counseling and I m taking a child and family course and would like to interview her for my assignment. She agreed and we made our introduction by catching up about herself and telling her about myself, and then we quickly transition into the counseling assignment. Ms. Smith seem very eager about the interview and she was hoping that this assignment would help her also in a way. I inform her that this interview was voluntary and if she have any questions or about the interview she can feel free to ask me. I highlighted the fifteen questions that I believe was important to ask Ms.

Smith about bullying. To evaluate this interview I had to research various studies and compare them to the answers I got from Ms. Smith. I researched five empirical studies. To do this research I had to gather the information and put it into my paper. Some of the questions that I had in mind that I wanted to research was how can you promote an anti-bullying climate, what factors likely motivate a child to bully, and what are some characteristic on bullying and cyber bullying. Ms. Smith pointed out to me one of the major issue at Protocol Elementary that some parents don’t take the initiative to help their child about bullying.

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Some of the parents at the school promote bullying and tell their child if they are being bullied, bully them back. Most parents live in denial especially when their children are perceived to be the perpetrators of this heinous act (Spillages, 2011) This is one of the main setback with the school which make it hard to stop bullying. An observation I made through with Ms. Smith responses that the school have consequences to eliminate bullying with the students and also she informed me that the teachers attend seminars and were trained to handle different cases of bullying.

This was to help encourage teachers to help promote students against bullying. Ms. Smith informed me that she set high expectations for cyber bullying and have open discussion in her class about social media bullying. She also informed me that there have been policies made by the school board. Cyber bullying is a worldwide issue and through the school system has help cyber security to assist in different cases. The induction phase require that I hypothesis the answers I research. Ms. Smith stated that some of the policies from the school has help prevent bullying.

In the interview she highlighted some facts bout the characteristics about children who bully and what factors motivate children to bully. Some of this information I collected from Ms. Smith was that children are aggressive and mean and what motivates the children to bully is peer pressure and popularity. From her response I tested them with knowledge and research. Ms. Smith informed me that when she notice a child who displays those behavior she become very vigilant. To determine whether a child is being bullied, the first step is to observe his or her behavior in class. Rugby,2010) When a child displays hose actions it is important for her to set consequences so those behavior do not continue to happen. The school principle may also be notified and will result in in school suspension or out of school suspension. In addition cyber bullying can happen at home and in school so it is important for the teacher and the parent to observe the child use on the internet. With the wide access and use of technological devices and the internet, taming, the use of this platform is a process that should involve teachers, parents and the state all working together. Klein, 2012) If not then cyber bullying will be really out of control. I compare these facts and Ms. Smith information to test out my hypothesis on why children being bullied. Ms. Smith also mention that some parents are in denial that their child are bully. This information is a fact and is supported by the author Spillages. Most parents live in denial especially when their children are perceived to be the perpetrators of this heinous act. (Spillages, 2011) Ms. Smith also mention that she can promote an anti-bullying climate by setting a positive atmosphere and informing the students about the wrongs of bullying.

This reason is because student are influence by their teacher and ant a safe environment. Being proactive in the fight against bullying is important if individuals want the learning environment to be conducive for the students. (Smith, 2012) Teacher have set boundaries and discipline approach for their students. If a child does not agree with the standards the teacher set for the classroom or if the child is still being bullied that child has the right to go seek a counselor. Ms. Smith stated in the interview that she help her class with bullying by doing group activities and games to help build team ship and some self-esteem.

I conducted this outcome of testing by evaluating. I observe the information Ms. Smith presented to me on how her and the school dealt with bullying over the year and what was the outcome. She told me as the year’s progress bullying has been decreasing but cyber bullying has increase due to the different social media that has come about now. But the school administration is continually to find ways to stop bullying. The bible condemns bullying and is against it. One scripture that support bullying is Psalm 18:3 1 call upon the Lord , who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies. I enjoyed my interview with Ms.

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