Cyber Bullying Affect in Hong Kong Assignment

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English for Academic and Professional Purposes (Part 1) 1 Assignment 2 Phenomenon of Cyber Bullying Among Teenagers in School *Group Members: -Higher Diploma in Information Technology (Web): Chiu Man Kai (EL) Wong Tsz Kin (Prince) Table of Contents: Introduction Page 3 Motivation of cyber bullyingPage 4 The Characteristics and Effect of Cyber-BullyingPage 5 Handling of Cyber BullyingPage 6 Solution of Cyber BullyingPage 7 ConclusionPage 8 ReferencePage 9 Appendix A – Cyber-bullying: issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home. page 10

Introduction Nowadays, many teenagers have the habit of accessing Internet every day. It can be observed that accessing Internet has become an activity which is indispensable in teenagers’ lives. Internet is a product of advanced technology. It should therefore bring advantages and convenience as other high-tech products do to our lives. Nevertheless, a lot of teenage problems related to the use of Internet have been reported, especially, Cyber Bullying. Although school-yard bullying occurs, teenagers today are experiencing a new type of bullying – cyber bullying.

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Cyber bullying is defined as bullying by sending hateful messages or even death threats to others, making nasty comments on their social networking profiles. In this research, it is our interest to know more about this area and investigate into motivation, effects, handling and solution of cyber bullying among teenagers in school. Motivation of Cyber Bullying By Wong Tsz Kin (Prince) According an article from “What Motivates Children to Cyber Bully”, there are too many motives and reasons to cause cyber bullying.

Parry found that boredom, meanness and power are the three main motives cause cyber bullying. (59) Moreover, difficult to get caught, and it didn’t involve face-to-face communication also are key reasons to cause this behavior. (59) Furthermore, Parry identified four kinds of teenagers who cyber bully. They are vengeful angel, power-hungry, mean girls as well as inadvertent. First of all, vengeful angel is teenagers who are being bullied at school and now they are retaliate people through the internet. This type of teenagers is always action alone.

Secondly, power-hungry who expect to exert control, power and authority to others. They bully in order to release their anger or hostility and feel in control of something or someone. They like audience to watch or support their action. Thirdly, mean girls who are bully because of the boredom. Boredom can motivate cyber bullying because they bully is for entertainment more than for hurt people. Finally, inadvertent is a person who is replying some negative content to others and hurt them unintentionally. (60 – 61) I feel unlucky for the people that are being bullied because it doesn’t feel good.

I wonder about why people want to cyber bully other people, is it because they think it is fun, or are they trying to make the person that is getting cyber bullied feel sad. The Characteristics and Effect of Cyber-Bullying By Chiu Man Kai (EL) Based on the motivation of cyber-bullying, cyber-bullying is worse than traditional bullying, especially in school- yard. In the article “Cyber-bullying: issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home”, Shariff states that there are four characteristics of cyber-bullying, anonymity, an infinite audience, sexual and permanence of expression (32-34).

Firstly, Shariff observes that most of cyber-perpetrators are hard to identify because they can bully anonymously in the cyberspace. It always happened in school and involved classmates, because the targeting victims no easy to detected. Secondly, he cites the case ‘Star War Kid’ which victim’s video was uploaded by his classmate and prevalent in the internet. It made him hard to avoid gibe. Shariff proves that cyber bullying spread fast, wide, large of number peoples join in the abuse and difficult to judge in courts (33-34). Thirdly, he mentions that sexual persecution is a new aspect of cyber-bullying (34).

Lastly, he concludes that once bullying topic is issued in cyberspace that is hard to remove because people can record it immediately in mobile phone, computers (34) and the audience may be over a hundred thousand. I think internet is a very useful tool for us. However, it is an easy breeding ground for cyber bullying. So we must face on this society problem. I suggest that we can prevent it from education side, make teenagers identifies the characteristics of cyber bullying which can let them associate with bad effect of cyber bullying and understand effect bring out of consequence.

Handling of Cyble Bullying By Solution of Cyber Bullying By Conclusion References Shaheen, Shariff. Cyber-bullying: issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home. New York: Taylor and Francis Group, 2008. Cyber-bullying: issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home. Shaheen, Shariff. New York: Taylor and Francis Group, 2008; pg. 34-36 [pic] Cyber-bullying: issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home. Shaheen, Shariff. New York: Taylor and Francis Group, 2008; Pg. 59-61 [pic] [pic] [pic]

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