Scavenger Hunt Assignment

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Follow the direction in Click here for week 1: Scavenger Hunt; or 2. Browse through the course site. The date of completion is the end of Week 2. This is worth 5% of your grade. Submit this document to the Assignment 1: Scavenger Hunt listed in Week 1 . Questions Possible Grade Studenes Response What is the number and title of this course? 0. 25 GSSCI 158, sociology Introduction Who is the facilitator and what is their contact information? 0. 25 Anna Natoli, annanatoli@yahoo. ca What is the required course textbook? SOC: A matter of perspective (2013) by Jon Witt & Alana J.

Hermiston Where will I find the course reading schedule? Course outline Where will I find the grading and due dates schedule? Course Schedule and Grading Rubrics What are the assignments I am required to complete to be successful in this course? 0. 25 Scavenger Hunt, Academic Blog My Page, Academic Blog Subculture and Socialization, Academic Blog Deviance and Social Control, Academic Blog Crafting a Personal Statement. What are the due dates for the assignments? Every Monday at 1 1 :30/ Check with week to week schedule. What types of questions will I find on the Tests and the Final Exam? 25 Multiple choice , True False, Fill in the blanks What are the due dates for the Tests and the due date for the Final Exam? Test -1 week 4 Test – 2 week 7 Test – 3 week 1 1 Final Exam- between 21 april to 25 april Is there a rubric (grading guideline) for the assignments? Yes Where will I find the rubric for the assignments? under General Tab- Academic Blog Rubric What citation guideline is preferred in this course? APA Style Where will I find the video that explains this citation style? 0. 5 https://olmoodle. ontariolearn. com/mod/book/

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Watch this video in “how to write papers in this course”. In Citing Sources: Option 3 Dr. Phillips discusses a common error. a. State in Dr. Phillips words this common error. It does avoid the plagiarism of authors word but doesn’t avoid the plagiarism Of author’s idea. b. Restate in your own words this common error. Using different words/synonyms will differentiate the paragraph from original But the concept will be remain same. Giving your examples may help, Otherwise reference is important. c. Add the in-text citation and an entry for the reference list.

Is the facilitator responsible for organizing your final exam? a. Who do I need to contact to organize the final exam? b. In what week should I do this? 0. 5 NO Registered College Week 8 Can contact the facilitator at the end of the term to request my final grade? Where can find the Academic Policy on Academic Integrity? Course outline / Getting started information tab. Where can find information for the next week’s readings, activities, and assignments? 0. 25 Course Schedule, outline and stay connected with instructor. What do I need to complete in Week 3? Academic Blog Assignment.

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