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University of Phoenix Material Center for Writing Excellence Scavenger Hunt For each of the questions below you should look at both the Center for Writing Excellence and the University of Phoenix Writing and Style Guidelines. Submit your responses to the following questions: (HINT: Refer to the Reference and Citation Examples documdented in the Tutorials and Guides section, as well as the Sample Paper and the Library link. ) 1. If more than one author is listed, must all authors be listed in the citation? Yes 1. Is the author’s full name used in the References page entry? No 2.

If no year is listed for an in-text citation, what should be listed? (n. d. ) 3. What is the minimum information needed for an in-text citation? Last name and year 4. What abbreviations are used before page (if listed) in an in-text citation? p. or pp. 5. What is used for the author’s name in the in-text citation if the article’s author is not listed as “anonymous” or at all? Name the group authors 6. On the References page, what words of an article or book title are capitalized? First word, proper nouns, and the first word after colon or dash 7. What U. S. cities do not require a state when listed on the References page?

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Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco 8. Are quotation marks used for titles of articles in the sources listed on the References page? No 9. How is the state abbreviated for the publisher’s location on the References page? The First and Last letter of the state and capitalized 10. Are any sources listed in the References page italicized instead of underlined? Yes 11. If the full title of your essay is “The Paragraph and You: A Study of Organization,” in how many places of the document would the full title be listed? All pages since under 50 characters 12.

How far from the top of the page is the header? Half inch 13. What is the suggested length of an abstract? 150-250 words 14. What point size is preferred for the font at the University of Phoenix? 12 pt 15. What is the preferred spacing in a document? Double space 16. Are there any extra spaces between paragraphs of a paper? No 17. How are personal interviews or e-mails listed when cited in a paper? 18. Should the Web address for retrieving an article in an electronic database be listed in the reference? Yes 2. How do you get to the Center for Writing Excellence? Log in ( click library ( click on Center for Writing Excellence 9. Here’s something fun—go to the list of common English errors and indicate what the difference is between “flaunt” and “flout. ” Flaunt is to show off as to flout which is to treat with contempt by some rule or standard. 20. Check out the section that provides tips on Microsoft® software and indicate how you insert headers and footers in a Word® document. Click on insert ( click on the header icon ( Choose header style ( type in the header Click on insert ( click on the footer icon ( Choose footer style ( type in the footer 21. How do you add a button to your Microsoft® Office® Toolbar? On mine this is how: [pic] Category |Button |Description | |Edit |Replace |Allows you to find and replace one bit of text with another. For instance, if | | | |you spelled someone’s name “Charla” throughout your paper and then found out it| | | |was really supposed to be “Sharla,” you could enter these values and the | | | |replace tool would change them all for you. |View |Ruler |Turns the ruler on and off. | | |Header and Footer |Allows you to enter information into the Header and Footer areas. | | |Fit to Window |Stretches your paper to fit the viewing area. Depending on your computer’s | | | |screen settings, this sometimes makes things easier to see. | | |Normal |Switches to the Normal view. | | |Print Layout |Switches to the Print Layout view. |Insert |Page Break |Adds a page break to your paper at the point where your cursor is. | | |Page Number |Inserts a page number into your document (useful in the header). | | |Symbol |Adds symbols not available on your keyboard. Some useful examples are the em | | | |dash (—), the copyright mark (©), all of the accented letters you could ever | | | |want (Useful if your name is “Renee”), and several fractions (? . | |Format |Align Left |Left justifies the text of whichever paragraph your cursor is in. | | |Center |Centers the text of whichever paragraph your cursor is in. | | |Align Right |Right justifies the text of whichever paragraph your cursor is in. | | |Double Spacing |Double-spaces whichever paragraph your cursor is in. | 22. How do you add a button to your Microsoft® Word® Toolbar for Office 2007? pic] 23. How do you submit a paper to the Center for Writing Excellence? Go to the Library ( click on Submit a Paper for Grammar and Plagiarism Review ( then browse ( find file ( select WritePoint/tutor review/plagiarism checker ( then click submit 24. What leeway do you need if your paper is due next class? Factor in a day or two for revisions and then determine the last possible day you can submit the paper for review. 3 Days 25. What are the three major databases that you can access at the University of Phoenix’s Online Library?

EBSCOhost, Gale PowerSearch, ProQuest 26. How can you obtain assistance in looking for something in the Online Library collection? Ask A Librarian 27. What is plagiarism? Using someone else’s words as your own without giving them credit 28. When you are citing a directly quoted, word-for-word source in a paper, do you use quotation marks? Yes 29. Describe the spacing after punctuation the University of Phoenix requires in written assignments. Use 1 to 2 spaces 30. Which fonts are acceptable for use for assignments submitted at the University of Phoenix?

Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier 31. If you are stumped by a grammar question and cannot find the answer, where can you go to get an answer? Grammar and Writing Guides ———————– Click on this button and select the button you want or need C LMN†‡‰S¬aaa? nouv®? °±[pic][? ] |CEGI?? •—OOuouiaaaaaYOui??? «Y«Y«Y« u™’‰? zuznguznguz h… A6? ? hzE6? ? hen”? hen”6? ? h› ^h… A? h› ^hzE? hen”5? 6? ? hen”? ]? h{ohen”CJaJ h{oh{oh{oh{oCJaJh{o>*[pic]CJaJhqj¬hen”>*[pic]CJaJh? J

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