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Describe personal changes in relation to global/historical changes. Communicate information using Microsoft Office productivity tools and email. Assignment Requi rements Look over your Change Wheel, reminding yourself of the significant changes you noted in your life and in the world around you. Think about the effects of those changes on your work, life choices, attitude, and options: Did you perceive most of the significant changes in your world as negative or positive initially?

Did some negative events have positive outcomes? Did some positive occurrences fail to result in a positive effect on your circumstances? How do you think your world view affects your choices going forward, especially your choice to further your education? After thinking about these ideas for a few minutes, begin to free-write. Write without stopping for about five minutes, recording whatever thoughts pass through your head. Don’t stop. Don’t overthink. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Just get the thoughts down on paper as directly as possible. Read over your free-write.

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Use it as the raw material for drafting a written reflection that you will send to your instructor as an attachment to an email. The reflection should answer the following questions: How well-prepared do I feel for school? What challenges do I anticipate in this class? What have I learned from examining my experiences with significant changes in my life that I can apply to my strategy for success in this course? Write your reflection and save it as a Microsoft Word document. How your instructor will evaluate your reflection: Did you answer the following questions? :

How well prepared do I feel for school? What have I learned from examining my experience regarding the significant changes in my life that can apply to my strategy for success in this course?

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