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Confidence comes from believing in what you are saying and being passionate about your subject. Self-confidence Is developed by knowing everything you can about your subject and thoroughly preparing and practicing. 2. Likeability- As a general rule your listeners want to like you. When they do like you it makes delivering your speech easier. Your likeability Is helped by smiling and being positive and friend. 3.

Expertise – you need to know your subject thoroughly – read and learn all you can. An audience will quickly sense when you do not know your stuff. 4. Enthusiasm ; you will need to be passionate about your subject. It helps when you really enjoy the topic you are discussing. You speech can be convincing and effective because of your enthusiasm about your subject. 5. Persistence – Persistence and practice will see you steadily improve and become an effective speaker. Take every opportunity to speak in front of an audience.

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More than any other human activity, public speaking is learned and improved by doing it. Ineffective 1. Reading notes 2. Shaking 3. Not prepared 4. No rehearsal 5. Not dressed to impress 6. No eye contact 7. Mumbling ; being roundabout and not getting to the point, showing fear. Marseille Eng Assignment no. 1: Public Speaking Instructor: Ms. Patricia Thompson Submitted on: 03 June 2011 Effective: 1 . Knows the speech: One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try memorizing your speech. Why do people do this?

Because it’s a way to make sure they don’t stumble during the speech. In other words, it’s to alleviate their fear of getting lost, stumbling, or getting overly nervous. 2. Prepared : Preparation in public speaking is an absolute must, even for those who regularly give speeches. 3. Confident : When you give a speech, you are the one the audience is focused on. So you need to show confidence in what you have to say. If you don’t sound confident, then I won’t believe you and/or I’ll get bored..

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