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Finally the last main point to discuss will explain as to how taking this test could be of personal benefit to myself. To begin with, in our DNA we all have things that make us unique. One of those unique characteristics are our traits. After taking the assessment the letters that were assigned to me were 1ST]. The first one to discuss will be the l. The letter “l” stands for introverted. Being more introverted means I keep more to myself. The characteristics would be thinking and reflecting before acting out. Also being more serious and quiet. They play a more dominant role in behavior.

The next letter assigned was the letter “S”. The letter “S” stands for sensing. This means that I use more of my senses like smell and sight rather than intuition. It also provides specific details of memory and recollections from the past. The next letter assigned was the letter “T”. The letter “T” stands for thinking, which is more logical than subjective. It operates from factual principles. An example of a thinking trait would be to naturally notice tasks and work that needs to be accomplished. Finally the last letter assigned was the letter “J”. The letter “J” means Judging.

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This trait tends to take the lead with our relationship with the outside world. An example of a Judging characteristic would be to focus on task-related actions and to complete meaningful segments before moving on. Next, the second main point to discuss is how those traits are relevant to me. The characteristics of those traits are someone who is serious, quiet, and one who earns success through concentration and thoroughness. I am someone who keeps to themselves. At times I would rather work alone than in large groups. It also states that one’s characteristics would be logical, realistic, and dependable.

I believe that these characteristics are shaped around me. I like to think things through and make points matter-of-fact. When working, I always get the Job done. I stay well organized and take responsibility to make sure each task is accomplished. Furthermore, after examining the test results, analyzing what each of them mean, and giving specific examples I strongly agree with the results. I then asked one of my closest friends and she concluded that I am very serious and precise in what I do. She also stated that I am a very logical person and I think things thoroughly.

There as this one time she had to work on a school assignment and instead of Just taking view. It was an assignment that she could have taken images or ideas from the internet, but instead we made it very distinct. Being a student in higher education helping a student in high school made her assignment stand out from the rest. It was very thorough in her ideas. Next is what did my parents do to shape my personality. They were not always there for me, both of them worked full time Jobs and my dad sometimes worked two jobs. I would say genetically I have traits from both of them.

My dad is one to keep to myself. He isn’t anti-social, but he does not like to be crowded around people that he doesn’t know. I am the same way. I do not go to night clubs. You will not find me at social gatherings. I only go to big events if it’s my favorite sports team playing or if I happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. A characteristic that I have from my mother is thinking. She is always very logical and precise about certain things. This had made a very beneficial impact on my life. With these characteristics I believe is why I am very successful in both my career and academics.

Finally this test is beneficial to me because it helped me realize who I actually am. For 15 years I have been wanting to take a test like this to see where I would fall on the career ladder. During the test the results show the suitable careers for people with specific combinations of characteristics. All of the Jobs that I could choose from are mostly technical Jobs like a police officer or an engineer. Both Jobs require a lot of work to gain entry in their field. This test is also a personal benefit to me because I also know now that I am one of the most Judging people.

My test concluded that I am 85% Judging. I like to have structure in my life and, I like to keep everything organized. When I have a messy desk it Just does not work for me. For my Job I have to have a lot of things in my car. I have to keep boxes, bags, an e-book, markers, and bins. Every night when I finish my Job all of these things found a way to get all over my car. However when I get home the first thing I do is take everything out of my car and neatly stack it in my garage to be ready for the next night. With all of these points given each person has different traits and characteristics.

I Egan by explaining each characteristic and giving specific examples of each. I then described how they were relevant to me and if I agree or disagree with the different traits. To continue I also asked someone else who knew me well enough to answer if the traits given were accurate results of myself or if they were fallacies. I then went into detail on how my parents could have made an impact on me. Finally the last point discussed was how beneficial the test was. These are the characteristics on how everyone is different. Each person has specific traits that shape them these are the traits that shape me.

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