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Before this course I was unaware of how significant non-verbal communication was to public speaking. According to Genera, “93 percent of message reception in public speaking comes from nonverbal communication” (Genera, 2010). Facial expressions and body language are what most people think of when discussing non-verbal communication. However, eye contact, lighting and gestures are also included. When I have to write a speech or speak in front of a group in the future there are many things that I will do differently.

I have learned that are many steps that need to be followed in order to have a successful speech. Analyzing the audience, visual aids as well as peer and expert estimation are Just a few of the topics discussed In this course that I will carry with me In the future. I have always had trouble with the writing process. This course has given me great steps to Incorporate Into my writing process. Whether It Is a public speech, personal conversation, or a research paper for another course, I have great tools in place to help me be successful.

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Going into this course I felt as though I had no strengths in regards to public speaking. After successfully completing this course my outlook has completely changed. I feel more confident in the writing process and being able to stand up in front of an audience. A few weaknesses that still need improvement are execution off speech as well as my nerves. I would like to be able to one day speak in front of an audience without any note cards. When I would do my weekly recordings I would have a billeted paper of the major topics I wanted to discuss to help trigger my memory.

I feel that with more time to practice I wouldn’t require any note cards. My nerves and anxiety levels are a different story. I am a very shy and quiet person and having to speak In front of any size audience gets my anxiety levels rising. I have never spoken in front of a large audience because of these feelings. The first few assignments that we had to record ourselves I felt really uncomfortable. As the weeks went by I started to slowly feel more comfortable. I have learned many new strategies to help me be more prepared so that I won’t be so nervous.

The article Effective Public Speaking: How to Overcome Nervousness stated that one way to help reduce the nervous feelings is to get experience. The author suggests volunteering as an announcer for other speakers will help a person get more comfortable in front of an audience which will help reduce the nervous feelings (Plum, 2009). Another tip found to be very helpful on the topic of nerves and Haynes was from Larry Tracey. He stated that the antidote to help overcome fear Is “Convert unknown to known. Exchanging the unknown Into known can easily be accomplished by doing lots of research and practice (Tracey, 2003). This course had me very anxious in the beginning. After only seven weeks I have absorbed so much Knowledge Tanat my anxiety levels nave reappear considerably. I am stall a little apprehensive but nowhere near as bad as before. I know that will the information that I have learned as well as the tools I have gained I will be successful no matter the situation. I am more confident in my writing ability as well as public speaking, thanks to this public speaking course.

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