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Evidence (Page no) LOL Understand different ethical perspectives in business 1. 1 explain the background and development Of theoretical ethical approaches In-class assessment 1. 2 compare and contrast absolute and relative ethics 1. 3 explain the ethical issues which can affect the operational activities of a business Learning Outcome 2. Understand business objectives from an ethical perspective ALL Understand business objectives from an ethical perspective 2. 1 explain how business objectives are affected by ethical considerations Report 2. Evaluate the implications for a business and its stakeholders to operate ethically. Learning Outcome 3. Understand ethics in workplace relationships ALL Understand ethics in workplace relationships 3. 1 Assess the role of the company acting as a moral agent Report 3. 2 Analyses the development of mechanism for achieving employee involvement and empowerment Learning Outcome 4. Be able to assess a current ethical issue in a business Be able to assess an ethical issue in a business 4. 1 Research a current ethical issue affecting a selected business Report And for the design (4. ) any method you think is suitable. 4. 2 Report on how the business could improve the ethics of their operations whilst meeting objectives and ensuring good employer/employee relationships. 4. 3 Design a suitable ethical code Learner declaration certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged. Student signature: Date: The word ‘ethics’ comes from the Greek word ‘ethics’, meaning ‘character’. One way to think about business ethics is to consider the ethics of people you might know. Individuals have different standards of ethics and so do businesses.

In the business world, the organization’s culture sets standards for determining the difference between good and bad decision making and behavior. Business ethics could be viewed as knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do what is right. Business ethics can be used to describe the actions of individuals within organizations, as well as the organization as a whole. So studying no more than four businesses from different industries you will be able to understand what business ethics is and how businesses are affected by it.

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You will explore and develop ideas and opinions on how ethics fits in business and what the business actually do in the name of ethical behavior. Task one Powering Presentation (individual) LOL AC, 1. , 1. 2, 1. 3. You need to use all the information you have learnt in class to complete the assignment. All tasks should be done individually and completed by dates given by the tutor. You will be given time slots which you have to adhere to and make sure you include pictures in your presentation. 1 . : Using the theories studied in class, create a timeline that explains the background and development Of theoretical ethical approaches. You can use the timeline templates given in class. Consider the following; demonology, natural law, virtue ethics, Utilitarian, Kant, Mill, Aquinas http:// www. Smarter. Mom/software/timeline-template. HTML. (You can use this link as a sample for your timeline. It does not mean you need to use it). 1. 2: In relation to the theories you have studied in class and in AC 1. 1 , compare and contrast absolute and relative theories. SE an example of a business to do this task. Consider the following; situational theory, natural law, Kant, Mill etc. 1. 3: Using the example off business you chose for 1. 2, explain the ethical issues which can affect the operational activities of a business. Here you need to look at operational activities and ethical issues which can have an impact on those activities. Consider the following; suppliers, contractors, agencies, human rights, fair trading, CARS, corporate governance etc. For LOL you can achieve MI and MM in all the tasks (See attached document on the MS and Des for the assignments).

DEADLINE: 28th and 29th October 2014 Task 2 You have been approached by your manager to produce a business article paper that will demonstrate your knowledge of business ethics. You are required to produce a report using a word document. This will include all the tasks (task two, task three and task four). ALL AC 2. 1 , 2. 2, 2. 3. Else the following business to answer the questions that follow. Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company that is global based. They produce medicines for people around the world and it claims that “good health is vital” to them.

They also claim to use justifiable means in producing medicines that are needed in the world using science and their global resources. They produce Medici nest that prevent diseases and they are working towards coming up with new products that will prevent/cure challenging diseases that we see in our daily lives like Alchemist’s and cancer. They are focused on their customers and their shareholders has they strive to be transparent and esteeming to the people who are involved in making decisions about health issues.

Recently, Pfizer has had some problems (they failed to take over the British company Estranged, much to the chagrin of many) and scandals that are usually associated with pharmaceutical companies like animal testing testing drugs on children to mention but a few. In 2012, it also paid about $60 million to settle charges of bribery. A lot of multinational/global companies make very good case studies on ethics and Pfizer is one of those. Using your research of the company complete the following questions; 2. 1 : Explain how Pfizer objectives are affected by ethical considerations. (MI).

You are required to explain Pfizer corporate objectives and how they are affected by ethical considerations. Consider; response to ethical pressures, implementing ethical practices, public image, UK Law, ELI Law, mission and vision of the organization along with corporate objectives, ethical considerations, etc. 2. 2: Using the explanations from the 2. 1 , evaluate the implications for Pfizer and their stakeholders to operate ethically. (MI , Del Give explanations on Stakeholders and their interests and evaluate the implications: good or bad/ Ross and cons for Pfizer to operate ethically/decently/justly.

Consider; owners, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, public image, ethical pressures, value added, complying with relevant legislation, influence of stakeholders and pressure groups etc. TASK 3 ALL AC. 3. 1, 3. 2, 3. 3. In order to understand ethics in workplace relationships, you are going to use Marks and Spencer as your case study for his section. M&S has been named as one of the World’s Most Ethical (WOMEN) companies by the Deciphers Institute for two years running. M was established in 1884 by Michael Mark who later joined ores with Tom Spencer in 1894.

M is now a well recognized company all over the world. With 129 years under their belt from a single stall in Leeds to an international company, M operates in over 50 territories employing just over 82000 people, has 766 stores in the (J, with products ranging from clothing, food and home products. Operates under 5 key principles that were laid down by its founders and they are; Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust and this has not changed for the many years they have been operational. M has come up with their plan A which is their echo and ethical programmer that they follow in their operations.

It is worth noting that their cafe© is the 3rd largest coffee chain in the UK. M claim that they “are committed to an active Equal Opportunities Policy, from recruitment and selection, through training and development, appraisal and promotion, right up to retirement. We treat everyone equally regardless of age, gender, gender reassignment, color, ethnic or national origin, disability, hours of work, nationality, religion or belief, marital or civil partner status, disfigurement, political opinions or sexual orientation” (M Ethical Code, 2014). 3. : Assess the role FM acting as a moral agent. MI, MM). Here you have to define what a moral agent is and explain the characteristics that set M apart from any other businesses. Remember M has been identified as one Of the most ethical business in the ELK, therefore, from your research, identify why this is so, you should mention what they do in terms of employee and workplace relationships. What do they do that makes them ethical? 3. 2: Analyses the development of mechanisms employed by M for achieving employee involvement and empowerment (MI , Del). Here you can define what employee involvement and empowerment is.

What strategies does adopt to involve and empower their employees? Analyses these strategies employed by M in achieving employee involvement and empowerment. Consider; job enlargement, training, access to information, improved morale, increased productivity, team cohesion, innovation, contractual responsibilities, equal opportunities etc. Task Four ALL AC. 4. 1, 4. 2, 4. 3 You have been employed by Shell as junior business analyst and you have tasked with helping the company in identifying an ethical issue that affects its business as they strive to do better ethically.

After you have found the issue, o will be asked to report on how the business can improve their ethical behavior at the same time meeting the objectives. You also have been asked to design an ethical code that all employees have follow in their day to day operations of the business. In this part of the section you are required to study an ethical issue in detail and how it’s affecting the business. In order to complete the article you need to study Shell. Shell is company that has shied away from scandal all over the world.

Their behavior has been questioned by many a times. The $1 . Bin corruption scandal in Nigeria, Irish Shell Corridor Alcohol bribery, these are one of a few scandals that have been on the news about Shell recently. Shell is a global company that operates in many countries around the world and wherever it is based there is a need for it to operate in an ethical manner.

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