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In this assignment will attempt to describe Robert Narrated style of leadership and why is actions rose to the level of being unethical. There is several leadership theories that can be consider as his leadership style. Trait, behavioral, situational and contingency theories are part of Robert Narrated leadership style. One has to consider if his actions were ethical or unethical and how did it affect him as a leader.

Robert Narrated worked as a CEO for Home Depot and was consider as a headstrong leader toward his employees. Robert Narrated was criticized by several people for his leadership style while at Home Depot and other’s thought he was a positive leader. In my opinion he was actions was unethical which in this paper it will be stated. Robert Narrated had work at Home Depot as a CEO where he transformed the company from a stumbling retail franchise into earnings juggernaut. It appears that he was a smart man and good leader when it came to achieving the goals of the company.

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As stated in the text leadership involves influencing the behaviors of individuals and groups to work toward predetermined goals. Robert Narrated did influence the behaviors of his employee to work toward predetermined goals using unethical methods. In my opinion he used unethical methods when he talked to his employees in a negative way. As stated in the “Out At Home Depot” article Narrated arrived six years ago, he could no longer rely on other sterile metrics to assuage the quivering anger his arrogance provoked within every one of his key constituencies, employees, customers, and shareholders.

It was stated that he spoke to his employees with no respect such as when he stood up in one Of his meetings ND stated by one of his executive at Home Depot that “you guys don’t know how to run an f–ins business. As a leader one has to speak and treat individuals as he wants them to respect him. One knows that leadership cannot occur without a leader and with several followers. ‘ ‘The voluntary nature of compliance separates leadership from other types of influence based on formal authority. Leadership results in followers’ behavior that is purposeful and goal-directed in some sort of organized setting’ (Reference Business).

As stated in the text effective leaders influence behaviors in costive ways. Robert Narrated was leading Home Depot in achieving their goals but he was a negative leader toward his employees and his leadership style seems to be unethical. As stated in the text leadership traits are physical and personality characteristics that differentiate leaders from followers. Some individuals feel that some people are born as leaders and don’t need training. In my opinion people are not born as leaders and need training and positive role models to become effective leaders.

As stated in the text one trait-based theory suggests that although certain character traits may be neat, leaders can be developed through experience and learning. It appears that Robert Narrated needed additional training and a positive role model that he could have learned from. “There has been much debate in past research about whether individuals can be trained to become good leaders and even responsible leaders” (Walden & Baleen, 2012). There are a lot of programs that offer training in how becoming an effective leader if one feels that they need additional training one should seek assistance.

If some companies feel that their employees are not performing duties completely training will be arranged. “Traits such as height, weight, and physique are heavily dependent on heredity, whereas others such as knowledge of the industry are dependent on experience and learning’ (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1999). My organization gives different trainings periodically when needed for all employees including managers and leaders. As stated in the text researchers sought to identify specific behaviors that are associated with successful leadership, which would then make it possible to train employees to become more effective leaders.

The researchers of University of Michigan identify job entered and employee centered as leadership styles. In my opinion Robert Narrated seem to have to be center of everything. One has to wonder if Home Depot offered training to all of their employees including Robert Narrated. As stated in the text situational models suggest that leadership style should evolve from task oriented to relationship oriented, depending on elements of the situation. Also it states contingency model further explains the nature of a leader’s circumstances through the incorporation of situation-specific variables into the analysis.

It appears that the employees at Home Depot dint have any respect for their leader (Robert) because of the way he treated them and his anger. When Robert retired from the company one of the store operations manager stated that employees were ecstatic, was high- fifing and was even talking about attending happy hour during noon time. As a leader Robert wasn’t respected nor had any positive relationship with his employees. When he worked at General Electric, Edward Lawyer stated that Robert Narrated wasn’t a humble guy. He was able to make decision and solve the problems of the company but appear to have ego and needed to be front and centered.

Robert Narrated was task oriented when it came to achieving the goals of the company but not to the employees’. Robert Narrated was an authoritarian leader that maintain total control of Home Depot which profits double and he achieve the goals that was needed. He was unethical to his employees and customers which he spoke to them badly. “Typically they need to feel that their leaders can be relied upon to choose a response to any given situation which is ideally based on transparent, shared and understood ethics, principles of values” (Millard, Delves, & Harris, 2010).

A leader should be blew to cope with behaving ethical toward their employees, especially if they want positive feedback. As stated in the article unethical manipulation seems often linked to charismatic leadership and in turn to currently in-vogue priorities such as transformational leadership. In my opinion Robert Narrated had transformed the company into a rising company by double their profits. Robert knew that he brought the company out Of an bad situation which he probably felt that he was an effective leader. Sometimes when some leaders accomplish something positive they become self-centered, and feel they have power.

Leaders have to be ethical they want to be able to show values, set positive examples, form clear potentials of ethical conduct, coach and support ethical behavior, recognize and reward behaviors that support organization, be mindful of one’s differences with subordinates, and attain leader training and mentoring. Some individuals felt that Robert Narrated was an effective leader and want to follow in his footsteps and other felt he wasn’t and didn’t want to be anything like him. Robert Narrated actions were unethical due to his negativity toward his employees and not showing any positive emotions.

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