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The explanation of the organization’s current segmentation, targeting and positioning (STEP) strategies 3. The recommendation of an effective extended marketing mix (ups) in relation to the importance of Customer relationships for the organization According to , Ezra is one of the most poplar and famous clothing retailing line worldwide, headquartered in Galatia, Spain in the city of Artesia. The founders of the company are Macro Ortega and Rosalie Mere, who first started the business 1 1975, many years later the company grew into Inedited- one of the biggest fashion retailers internationally.

Other Inedited group brands are Berserk, Misaims Duty, Pull and Bear, Strabismus and other, but Ezra for Inedited is definitely the flagship brand of the group. Sara’s humongous growth started in the past decade, when it had around 450 stored in 29 countries offering 10’000 woman, man, children apparel and a home dcord line. Even back then the company generated revenues close to 1. 6 billion Us dollars. Today, Ezra is running 1,631 stores in all major and minor cities in the world, as well as around 190 Ezra Kinds stores in more than 70 cities. The average revenue of

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Ezra is estimated to be over 7 billion Us dollars. The company employs around 45000 people and its one of the most recognized brands. Also, a self-imposed conclusion is that the Company aims towards supplying global customers with affordable and fashionable Clothing all through the year. The vision behind the mission can be described as “Fast fashion for the masses, all year”. Ezra positions itself as the leading fashion clothing chain in the world, trough a blend of franchise, company-owned and Joint ventures. Ezra contributes to the sustainability development of the environment and society that they interacts with .

Ezra made a commitment to produce less waste, save energy, educate and train the staff for environmentally safe practices. PESTLE ANALYSIS In order to give a relevant external environment analysis, a PETREL analysis is provided. A PESTLE analysis is a framework used to identify the external macro environmental factors such as Political, Economic, Social and Technological, Legal and Environmental; it is a very useful tool for strategic marketing management. These factors are then being analyzed, to give an overview of issues on the market that a company has to take into consideration.

By doing a Pestle analysis, one can learn more about the market growth or decline, business position, and how to direct certain operations. (Kerri, 2007) Ezra, has a network of stores globally, thus for each region a separate Pestle analysis has to be done, in this report North American market will be analyzed. Political factors: The next major political events s the election of the new president of the Unites States, that will happen in 2017. By than time no major political changes are forecasted. A numbered U. S. Impasses, is proposing to adopt a new taxation system n the country, after a study conducted by the economist Laura Tyson. This systems suggests to switch from old taxation system in which domestic and international incomes by the firms were both taxed (allowing the firms to keep those incomes offshore avoiding U. S taxes) to a new one in which the taxation will be territorial, (only on domestic incomes). Analysts’ precision is of a revenue of $1 trillion dollars, this means that there is going to be a lot of fresh money flowing in the U. S. Economies and this situation is relevant for many companies. Disheartening, 2010) Economic factors: The U. S. Economy a constantly growing economy. The currency of the us dollars s weaker compared to the Euro that is used in Spain, so for Sara’s Headquarters is easier to finance American business. Socio-cultural factors: Population growth rate is % (Workloads, 2013) Age structure suggests that the trend for young man and woman moving to the United States is growing. Online shopping facilitates the shopping for many consumers Technological factors: One of the main Sara competitors is H that are production most of the goods in Asia , countries with cheaper labor cost.

Ezra is producing most of the clothes outside f the US, therefore the technological aspect is not very applicable. Environmental doctors: Growth of environmental awareness in the US Special technologies to produce organic cloth Legal factors: Us laws for importing and exporting finished products and raw materials, Taxation SOOT ANALYSIS A Soot analysis is a tool used to evaluate the Strength Weaknesses Opportunity and threats of a company, product,person of place. A Soot analysis identifies the internal and external factors that are favorable or unfavorable for the business. Albert Humphrey first introduced this technique in the 1960.

Kerri, 2007) A Soot analysis is one of the most important parts of any marketing aviation, and in this case is not an exception, as a Soot will identify the steps that are need to be done later in planning and strategy, to archive certain goals or improve. A Soot can also identify the competitive advantage of Ezra over the other companies. The list below is a Soot Analysis for Ezra: Strengths: Brand Loyalty Brand Awareness Efficient distribution Information technology High fashion for modest price Weaknesses: Increasing cost because of vertical integration Lack of E-commerce Short lead time for design to sale (1 5 days)

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