Changing Nature of Human Resource Management Assignment

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Efforts to attract older workers through the use of part-time and flexible staffing will increase. Also, as more older workers with a lifetime of experience and skills tire, HER will face significant challenges in replacing them with workers having the capabilities and work ethic that characterize many older workers. k Balancing work and family The decline of the traditional family and the increasing numbers of dual career couples and working single parents place more stress on employees to balance family and work. Organizations that do get employees to relocate often must offer employment assistance for spouses. Additionally, balancing work and family concerns has particular career implications for women, because women more than men tend to interrupt careers for child rearing. To respond to these concerns employers are facing growing pressures to provide”family-friendly’ policies and benefits. Organizational restructuring One of the challenges that HER management faces with organizational restructuring is dealing with the human consequences of change. The human cost associated with downsizing has been much discussed in the popular press: a survivors mentality for those who remain, unfulfilled cost savings estimates, loss of loyalty, and many people looking for new jobs. Whereas many large firms have cut jobs by reducing their workforces, many smaller rims have continued to create jobs.

This is particularly true in high technology industries, such as software development. These entrepreneurial firms are faced with growth, while trying to attract sufficient workers with flexible capabilities and to conserve financial resources Human Resource Management Activities Key to enhancing organizational performance is ensuring that human resources activities support organizational efforts focusing on productivity, service, and quality. To accomplish these goals, HER management is composed of several groups of interlinked activities.

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Additionally, all managers with HER susceptibilities must consider external environmental forces-??such as legal, political, economic, social, cultural, and technological ones-??when addressing these activities. The HER activities for which a brief overview follows are: * HER Planning and Analysis * Equal Employment Opportunity * Staffing * HER Development * Compensation and Benefits * Health, Safety, and Security * Employee and Labor/Management Relations The Three Different Roles of HER Management * Administrative Role It focuses on administrative processing and record keeping, with the short term (less than 1 year) timing.

The typical activities are administering employee benefits, conducting new employees orientations, interpreting HER policies and procedures, preparing equal employment reports. * Operational Role It focuses on operational support, with the intermediate term (1-2 years). The typical activities are managing compensation programs, recruiting and selecting for current openings, conducting safety training, resolving employee complaints. Strategic Role It focuses on organizational-wide global, with the longer term (2-5 years). The typical activities are assessing workforce trends and issues, engaging in immunity workforce development planning, assisting in organizational restructuring and downsizing, advising on mergers Or acquisitions, planning compensation strategies.

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