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Every organ actions, clubs, society even a small group have their own environment and behavior. Each and every behavior gives an impact to the environment. Behavior plays a big role in our life. Due to this matter, we, ourselves, should find the initiative to act good and ethical. That is how the business ethics comes out.

The definition of ethics is the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. On the other hand, business ethics is the moral analysis of business activity and values. Every organizations or country have different type of ethics because everybody have their owns view. In a seem action, we can this thing is allow and other places are don’t. So, when we are working or go to a new place, we should see and know the culture and their behavior. There are a place that maybe in our place are normal but that place take that as rude.

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We are encourage to learn other people culture and respect when we go to their place so that they will act the same thing when they in our place. We have to respect people first if we want people to respect us. One of the purposes why we have to learn business ethics is to examine the ethical obligations and ethical ideals present in the relationship between employers and employees. Nowadays, a lot of media mentioned about ethics problems. The problems are either in the organization itself or between staffs and customers.

Most of the time, workers should realize the difference between two environment which are in the business or outside the business because the problems from both different environment gives different situation. By learning business ethics, workers can learn to evaluate the ethics of reticular business and general practices in business. At least, every task that the person received are logic and realistic. Furthermore, this situation will encourage people to think before they act, and the product that will produce a productive workers.

Everything that people learn about ethics, should imply in real life. In business life, ethical is a crucial thing to have a good and comfortable environment. When one person in the business doing the wrong thing, one’s should correct it before it is going to be a big issue. Everybody should know what do’s and don’t in business, so that, the business’s environment become calm and people are enjoyed to do their work. The higher rank holder should monitor their staff or workers doing their job correctly. Other-wide, the rank holder should be strict and stick to the rules.

Do a punishment if they do not do well. To make the relationship more close, some company they do a team building session. The impact of this program are to make the people in the organization creative, productive and close with each other. Business Ethics is the study of business situations, activities and decisions where issues of right end wrong are addressed. The Business Ethics discussions are intended to stimulate critical thinking and decision making of an individual. Besides, the principles of right and wrong that guide and companion individual in making decisions are called ethics.

While, the use of personal ethics in making business decisions is called business ethics. In the Business Ethics assignment, students will have the opportunity to analyses the ethics of common business situations. In this particular task, we will discuss on the importance of business ethics at both an academic level and in term of how the organization manage and govern their company. People always thought that Business Ethics are a moral code that people conducting any sort of business should feel honorably obligated to follow.

But, the problem is, are the people definitely morally responsible to follow a code Of ethics and should never cheat each other? This task will discuss ethical behavior in the organization world and workplace. In particular, the question of what ethical behavior actually involves will be analyzed in depth. On the other hand, we will look at examples of situations where individuals have made both proper and improper decisions based on their ethics. “The more one knows ethics, the more it is used and the more useful it becomes”.

The quote by Plato is a reminder on just how important ethics is and how important it is to educate yourself on proper ethical practices. In today’s fast-paced world, business ethics is becoming exceptionally important in our daily life. In order to know more about business ethics, our group have cited to interview Mood Seen Bin Awing, the director of Entrepreneur Development Centre International Islamic University Malaysia to accomplish the task and to know whether they run the businesses with practice Of ethics or do they just make money.

In the literature review section, we had already found few articles that are related to few ethical issues in an organization that we have been discussed earlier. It will be divided into two parts which the first part is the definition Of ethics from different perspectives and views and the second part will be article summary on the issues.

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