Business Assignment

Business Assignment Words: 600

Remember, when you submit your work, you sign a declaration confirming that it does not contravene the LICE Regulations on Academic Misconduct. Marking Criteria Marks for this report are awarded according to the following criteria: The relevance of the factors used to undertake the set task. The quality and depth of the discussion of the issues. The extent to which the report is coherently structured. The overall presentation of the report. The accurate referencing of the texts and data, and variety of sources used in your analysis. Hints and Tips

The most important thing you must do in completing this assignment is to make sure that you answer the task that has been set. Ensure that you remain within the word limits given for the report. The word limit is to test whether you can write concisely, thereby getting all the main points down without wandering ‘off-topic’. In presenting your answer, you should use an appropriate structure. Your tutor will advise on this. It is best to avoid using too many sub-headings and to not use lots of bullet points or the numbering of paragraphs.

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Otherwise your answer will look like a set of notes/ instructions/textbook and appear disjointed. Using continuous prose enables you to develop arguments and to inter-link issues you are raising. You should think very carefully about the resources you use for this assessment. You should use academic sources like textbooks and journals. Everything you read in an academic source will have been peer-reviewed which means that experts in the field will have seen it and agree that the ideas are reasonable and accurate. Web sites such as Wisped are not peer reviewed and Hereford do not count as academic sources.

Poorly referenced work will be penalized as the quality of referencing is part of the marking scheme (criterion). You should not copy text from a book, another person’s work or Internet sites and imply that it is your own work. This is known as plagiarism and is an academic offence. Plagiarism is the word academics use for ‘copying’. If you want to quote directly from a book, you should indicate that it is a quote (by using quotation marks and the name of the author whose work you have cited in the main body of your assignment.

You should avoid excessive use of quotes as the work you submit must be your own – not simply a collection of quotes. Your report must be word-processed, using 1. 5 or double spacing and a 12 or 14 font size. Always leave a margin so that there is space to insert any comments that the tutor would like to make when reading your work. When you hand your work in, please ensure that all the pages are stapled together in the correct order and that pages are numbered. You should keep a copy of your work, as the tutor will retain the original.

The irking scheme will resemble that Of a university and it will include: 40% and above: Pass 50% and above: Equivalent to a 2. 2 60% and above: Equivalent to a 2. 1 70% and above: Equivalent to a First You will not get a second chance to improve on the mark that you are given for this assignment. Thus, if you are given a mark equivalent to 55%, that is the mark that will be entered onto your mark sheet. Similarly, if you are unfortunate and fail the assignment, that fail mark will be added to your other assessment marks to determine your overall score for the module.

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