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Hence every group member may be asked by the instructor to clarify your team’s answers. Assignment ; Case overview: Assignment # 1 (60 points: 10 per question, 20 points for questions 1 and 2) 1) Select an industry: IT and computers Examples of industries are: transport, energy, IT and computers, supermarkets, publishers, garden centers, travel agencies, employment agencies, etc. 1 a) Please mention for your industry of choice at least 6 relevant developments in its macro-environment. (20 points) 2) Please select a company or brand which operates in your industry of choice.

The company or brand of choice must have both consumer – and business clients. AAA) Please mention for your Customers obviously have a positive impact. 3) From this company’s or brand’s perspective, do the developments you identified in the macro- and micro-environment have a positive or negative impact for the particular company or brand? (See tables proverb for questions la and AAA for indicating positive (+) or negative (-) impact and/or type an explanation here)(2 x 5 – 10 points) ) Draw an organizational chart of your company of choice.

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Include all sister companies and Sub’s (Strategic Business points) Pegasus’ practices? (10 points) Needs: Low prices Wants: If a delay of more than 3 hours occur, they get full refund. Demands: Innovative destination in offers. Question 2: Describe in detail all the facets of Pegasus’ product. What is being exchanged in a Pegasus transaction? (10 points) On-time departure, Information support by e-mail and SMS, Credit & Loyalty card, Refund in case of a 3+ hour delay, Fly Cafe©, Opportunity to choose a seat,

Discounts for early booking, Various destinations, customer service strategy lies regularly scheduled. – Question 3: Which of the 5 marketing management concepts best applies to Pegasus? (5 plants) The marketing concept. Question 4: What value does Pegasus create for its customers? (10 points) A flight experience with high quality and low cost. Question 5: Is Pegasus likely to continue being successful in building customer relationships? Why or why not? (5 points) Yes, if you deliver the customers’ needs and wants, they’ll pick you over competitors and you’ll be successful.

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