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Assignment Information Use Paper/ Web or Mobile IT/205 Wyergene McGriff University Of Phoenix Jerry Holt 02/22/201 5 The most innovating mobile application to come to mind is Facebook mobile application. When Martin Cooper invented the cell phone in 1973, no one could imagine that it would sparkle a technology resolution in the 20th and 21 century. One of the reasons why social media sites are so popular is the accessible with easy access through the cell phone. No longer are cell phones use for emergency calling or prefer to as statists symbol, these hands eld devices quickly became a necessity for everyday life.

The operating system like Android along with other various operating systems has paved the way for a smartphone to become an easier and faster way to access these large-scale social sites. People access Facebook through their cells phones has surpass any other activities done with a mobile phone (Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, R. Pun, 2013). As the usages of smartphones, continue to grow so does the dependency of networking. For some people, Facebook is part of their daily routine and cannot go a day without checking their account. Every 20 minutes 2 million friends request are issue amongst Facebook account holders.

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The average of 680 million people access their Facebook account through a cell phone (Statistics Brain, Facebook Statistics, 2013). Therefore, the smartphone is the most convenience portal computerized device for people to check email as well as check and send messages, upgrade status, texts, take pictures to upload to their Facebook accounts. According to Tarafsar &Gupta although, 40 percent of people find multitasking using social media through cell phone is stressful, yet, 60 percent of such persons cannot last an hour without checking their mobile phone (Tarafsar & Gupta, 2013, pg. 69). Using Facebook is free of charge and a great way to keep in touch with relatives and friends that are long distances as well as meet new acquaintances with similar interest. Individuals who are from other countries can easily keep up with news and daily happening that occurs within their country. On the social site, Facebook alone 3 million messages are sent every 20 minutes (Statistics Brain, Facebook Statistics, 2013). As a mobile application, Facebook also provides links to other applications and web pages.

Thus, giving media convergence a new platform as a dominating force that succeeded in breaking down the culture wall in how people from different cultures worldwide interact with each other. Facebook link appears on a vast amount Of websites. From adult sex web pages to practically every business, educational institution, health care, ntertainment, political, religious and news sites, has access links to Facebook. Facebook mobile application provides mix and match components to give users the diversity to interact on Facebook with most if not all pc devices.

Facebook changes the way people worldwide communicates. Facebook is the most widely used social media that dominates the social network arena with 1. 11 billion users worldwide that will spend a monthly of 640 million minutes log on to Facebook. The amount of pieces of content shared on Facebook monthly is 70 billion (Statistics Brain, Facebook Statistics, 2013). Facebook did the obvious as in making a site that draws people, thus, giving businesses a new platform to advertising/sell their products and promote their companies.

As an attraction for people to use their mobile phone, this opens the gateway for people to start using their phones to shop online, thus giving e-commerce a vast platform for companies to target and monitor consumers. Although, the mobile Facebook application make it easy to share things, it also makes easy for an account holder to sign into various third party sites. Therefore, giving these third party ites permission to access the account holders’ information. In worst-case scenario, an un-ethnical developer can use people accounts to send out spam.

People should remember social network sites do not have limits as in how much information that can be conveyed and security is not as constructed and safe as everyone believes it to be. The downfall as with all interactive software is that nothing is deleted entirely from the internet.

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