The Catcher In The Rye Assignment

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Technology in Schools I use my cell phone every day. Use it in classroom as well as outside the classroom. Some people think that’s a problem, but I think otherwise. I believe if we use technology wisely, then it would benefit us more than cause us harm. One reason I think we should not ban technology in classrooms is because it can be a good source of information. Generally, cell phones have internet access which students can use to find information for projects and assignments.

One time, my biology class used laptops, but there were not enough laptops for everyone. Therefore, having a cell phone to go on the internet would be helpful. In this case, a cell phone would do more good than harm. Another reason cell phones should not be banned in classrooms is because students can use them as a reminder or planner. Generally, cell phones have a calendar built in the device. In my biology class, I have a unit 5 test, unit portfolio assessment and a lab report due all on different days; I used my Allendale app in my cell phone to be a reminder.

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Therefore, cell phones can remind me that have assignments and tests coming up. This shows that a cell phone can benefit students in the classrooms. Finally, cell phones are the most helpful when it comes to being organized. Generally, cell phones and tablets are single devices and not as easy to lose as multiple papers. I am not organized. Lose a lot of papers; and if you look in my backpack, it’s a mess. I lost my tutorial for my AVID class before and didn’t get any credit for it.

Therefore, if we used tablets more often than papers in class, we could be more organized and keep our stuff together. Tablets can keep us organized and benefit it us. On the other hand, cell phones and tablets can harm us. People believe that cell phones and tablets can be a huge distraction. Cell phones and tablets are very good when it comes to entertainment with the millions of APS, games, and social media websites. Also cell phones are used a lot for testing friends and family in class to have a fun conversation and distract them from their ark.

I believe if we use technology wisely, then it would benefit us more than cause us harm. Cell phones and tablets can be a distraction but can benefit us more. Cell phones can be a great source of information and can remind us that we have upcoming tests. It also can keep us organized. Will definitely still use my cell phone in class, but only for the benefits and not to distract me. To my fellow peers, I hope they can remember that in order to be distracted by technology, it has to be their choice.

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