The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Assignment

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Assignment Words: 696

What were the strengths AND weaknesses of the video? Strengths: Showed the origin of where the laws were formed , and shared information about previous attempts to eliminate the laws. Weaknesses: None. How do you think the video makers wanted the audience to respond? They wanted a response of people to be more informed Of the things that took place previous to the generation of today. How did the video make you feel? The video made me feel as there is more to know about slavery, than what is presented through word of mouth and classrooms.

What three things did this video tell you about life in America during the time period depicted? -African Americans were consider lower than the average white(social standpoint ) -For the rights that African Americans wanted they had to fight for it . -Some of the African American leaders were supporting slavery indirectly. Write a question that the video makers left unanswered. – What happened after the Atlanta Convention ? What information do you gain about this time period from the video that could not be conveyed by a written source? Some of the people who took ction against the laws never heard of before. Without Sanctuary Exercise Directions:Examine the website http://wv. n. w. withoutsanctuary. org/. After reading the introduction and looking at all of the postcard images and the written contents on them, type a one page reflection paper addressing the following questions: In what states did the events take place? In what years did the events take place? How do you think these events effected African American families during that time? What impact do you think these events had on African Americans psychologically?

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How did these events impact immigrants? What do the images tell you about the legal system in America? Should this aspect of American history be discussed in our schools? Why or why not? The assignment is due on or before 9/1 8/14. Rickie Jones 9/1 5/2014 History 21 12 All of the lynching and mobbing took place in states where whites felt as slavery should not be abolished. Such states as Georgia, Florida, Mississippi , Alabama , North and South Carolina, the lynching and mobbing also took place in states such as Kansas which was thought to be considered a “safe tate”.

The time period which these events took place were during the early 1900’s , majority of the bodies that were found could not be named either due to the execution style of death or simply no one speaking up. Even during this time period, with the release Of slavery keeping up with everyone name and medical records was difficult. The effect it played on most African Americans lives , was by placing fear in every African American heart. It made everyday life a mystery, never knowing if your family could be a victim of the violence.

Even simple task of walking down the street to go to school ,or even picking up a item from the local store was scary for most African Americans during that time period. Psychologically for African Americans it must seem like torture , the feeling of not being safe in your own home and communities. The events impact immigrants as well, most “whites ” felt as if you were not born on American soil you should not be treated as if you are an American . The images show that the justice system during that time is was not as strong as it is today.

The state and federal law enforcement did not have as much control as they do today. Majority of the time was it was left to the citizen Of the area to determine the justice. It should be taught in school , because people should know about there past and present regardless of race and gender. The more people are informed , increases the chance of making sure the same mistakes are not made. We still experince rasism today , even if it is not to the same degree as it was in the past . Yet, its lessons to be learned from those events , and we should strive to not let it repeat itself.

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