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Who would of thought that one story could have such a lasting impression on you? I certainly didn’t think that a book could change a way a young kid viewed upon life. I didn’t happen to really like books or get much interested in reading until the one day in the 7th grade when I was introduced to the story “Anne Frank, A Diary of a Young Girl. ” Anne Franks story inspired me and made me thankful for everything I have in my life. Anne Frank said in her diary “l want to go on living even after my death!

And that’s why I’m grateful to God for having given me this gift, this possibility of evildoing myself and of writing” this story brought upon a new outlook for me on writing and how it can be crucial in helping a young kid make it through terrible times. It all began in the fall of my 7th grade year. It was Just another day in English class when my teacher told us we were going to start on another book. I immediately said in my head “Oh great another boring book that I will have to sit through and pretend that I’m paying attention and enjoying” little did I know how much I would enjoy the book and the mark it would leave on me.

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My teacher at the time, Mrs.. Thompson, was always eager to read and introduce a new story and she couldn’t wait to tell us the book we were about to begin. She described it as a classic and a must read. She then pulled down the projection board and the book came up, I glanced, and it read “Anne Frank, A Diary of a Young Girl. ” I’m not much of a reader or someone who likes to read by any means. Anne Franks diary kept me captivated throughout and when we had to read for homework it served as no issue at all because I actually wanted to read rather than do other things I enjoyed at the time eke playing sports or video games.

I read the book in the nice, comfortable, and peacefulness of my outside deck. Whenever I read it must be in a quiet environment and that’s why I enjoyed reading Anne Frank on my deck because it was relaxing, soothing, and had a nice view of the water. I liked reading on my deck Just before dusk so I could watch the sun set over the beautiful Appoint River in my hometown of Colonial Heights, Virginia. As soon as the sun would set I would finish up my reading for most part and continue the next day. This deck served as my trial reading setting for Just about the entire story, it was either my deck or my English classroom.

When I first started reading Anne Franks diary, it was because of a school assignment, but after reading a few pages, I realized why our teacher wanted us to read this. It really told how life was like for her during the war. What really inspired and effected me was how hard her life was and how she was not only able to live through it but could find a way to make the best of it by writing. Not saying she enjoyed it, but the way she looked on the good side of people was what was truly inspiring. In a way, having a view like that at the time with all the matter going on in the outside world made her life easier.

The diary of Anne Frank is one that made me thankful for the changes we have made today in society. This kind of thing could have very well happened to me if history was different and we hadn’t learned from our mistakes. Somehow, even through the bad, Anne still managed to somehow be happy. Anne Frank through it all, she found that the best way for her to get her mind off of everything going on in the outside world was to write in her diary, I never Hough writing could play such an important role in a young kid’s life.

This inspired me to write more and made me believe that I should be more grateful for all the happiness that Vive had in my life. Anne Franks diary was more than a story or a piece of literature it was an iconic piece of history. I read Anne Franks diary and I immediately was engaged throughout the whole entire book. I was amazed at how vivid her details were and how she described everything so exclusively in her diary and dated it each and every day. It instantly made me appreciate exceptional writing more. Franks diary made me want to read and learn more about the Holocaust and find out more informational stories on it.

Anne had an attitude and an outlook on life that everyone should have on life. She had the belief that everyone had something good in them and is capable of doing good things. If everyone had the same outlook on life as Anne Frank this world would a lot better of a place. The significance of Anne Franks story on me was huge. Anne Frank had every reason to hate, but she loved and forgave. In the end, despite having had to live in secret for more than two years, ND despite knowing all the horrors of the time like: the internment camps, gas chambers, theft, and anarchy Anne Frank was still able to believe that deep down people must be good.

In the end many people died through the Holocaust but Anne Franks writing lived on. Her writing was a first hand account of the conditions in the Netherlands, which made the story historically legendary. Reading Anne Franks diary was a literacy moment that definitely inspired me because I never knew that writing could play such an important role in someone’s life and in helping one make it through hard and challenging times.

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