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The course focuses on analyzing the historical, ideological, and political patterns of 20th century Europe, with some comparison to those same patterns in other regions. A major emphasis is placed on the development of clear interpretive writing skills, library research and documentation skills, and oral communication skills. The internal assessment, a historical investigation, is completed in December of the second year. Student Responsibilities Academic Honor & Meeting Deadlines Respect for self and others; respect for the learning environment and school rules

Arriving on time with the required materials and prepared to learn Hard work, curiosity, enthusiasm, and collaboration Courage to come forward when having difficulty and not understanding the material Learning Materials Mastering Modern World History. Norman Lowe European History-1848-1945. T. A. Morris Cold War to D©tenet. Colic Brown and Peter Mooney Modern World History. Walsh & Murray A History of the Modern Middle East, William L. Cleveland, 3rd Edition History 20th Century World: Causes, Practices and Effects of Wars. Rogers & Thomas History 20th Century World: Authoritarian and Single-Party States. Mack et al.

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History 20th Century World: The Cold War. Rogers & Thomas. Assessment Formative assessments measure a student’s progress throughout a period of instruction (I. E. Quizzes, rough drafts, homework, dress rehearsals, etc. ). Formative assessments receive feedback designed to help students improve (I. E. Grades, rubrics, comments, peer editing, etc. ). Summation assessments measure a student’s achievement at the end of a period of instruction (I. E. Tests, final drafts, major assignments, projects, and performances). Summation assessments count for a larger percentage of a student’s final grade than roommate assessments.

There are no retakes in B social studies courses. Grading Formative Assessments, including homework, count for 20% of the semester grade. Summation Assessments count for 60% of the semester grade. The semester exam counts for 20% of the final semester grade. Student Success Center (SC) Students who fail to complete assignments and who may also be struggling to meet the expectations of the course will be referred to the SC for remedial attention. Students seeking extra help are encouraged to attend my office hours in room 257 after school on Sundays or by appointment.

Late Work Policy Students are expected to submit assignments before the designated deadlines. Meeting deadlines requires responsibility and students should manage their time and prioritize so deadlines are successfully met. To support students’ efforts in meeting this expectation, teachers shall (a) announce deadlines in advance (b) provide sufficient time as determined by their professional Judgment (c) post assignments and their deadlines on Model. Assignments uploaded to Model after 7:45 AM on the due date will be subject to late penalties.

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