Analysis of an advertisement Assignment

Analysis of an advertisement Assignment Words: 500

This assignment was to find a retail chain in either England or America, which are both English-speaking countries. I picked “Victorians Secret”, which is an American retailer of women’s wear. The chain is very popular and known for its huge fashion show “Victorians Secret Fashion Show’. It’s a chain for teens and women in general. You, as a girl or a woman, are able to buy bras, panties, sleepwear, swimwear, beauty products, and much more. Men and teen guys also shop at Victorians Secret to try to mind the perfect gift for their girlfriend or wife.

Victorians Secret is a chain with many advertisements, but they all look kind of the same. The advertisement In the top of this page Is taken from the homepage of Victorians Secret. The homepage Is written below the advertisement, and It’s a website filled with great pictures of models. I would say that they emphasize a lot on the colors of the pictures. Victorians Secrets website is packed with new deals, and it is possible to shop online if you wish. The advertisement above is showing a model in a bra and it says in the advertisement that if you buy today, you will get the shipping for free, and it’s on any order.

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That’s a bonus, but you wont Just get the shipping for free. You will also get $1 5 off $100, which is a great deal. The text, “Today only – Free shipping on any order + $1 5 Off $100”, is typed with large font, so you can’t avoid seeing it when you click on their website. You also see a box with golden words where It gives the consumer another excellent deal. Red, black and white are the mall colors in this advertisement. Together, the three colors make up a warm and lovely composition. The red color Is definitely a symbol on love and passion.

I think they used these colors because of the event that’s talking place today, the 24th of November. The united States is celebrating Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday in November. The Americans are celebrating the arrival of the pilgrims and them sharing their feast with the Native Americans already living there. The chain wants to sell as much and be popular like any other retail chain, therefore is it necessary to make advertisements to attract the people. I would love to buy everything in this chain, but that’s impossible.

When I was living in the united States, I loved to shop at Victorians Secret. The price is high, but the quality is amazing. They sell some very sexy pieces of clothing, and the American people love to walk in there and Just try everything on. It’s a shame that I don’t live In America, because this Is a great deal. But underneath the big text, It says that you will only get the shipping for free If you are living In the united States.

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