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Assignment on Take out from a case study ” – McDonald’s and Hindu Culture” Prepared by: Md Abdul Mannan MBA (Friday) Batch- 10th , Section-D Submitted To: Professor Dr. A K Shamsuddoha School of Business Studies South East University Banani, Dhaka Take out from a case study – “McDonald’s and Hindu Culture” 1 . What lessons does the experience of McDonald’s in India hold for other foreign fast-food chains and retails stores? ANS: The main lesson of the story lies with customer focus/centricity and that has to be end to end.

A business unit must look in to all issues from customer point of view. Before coming to India market McDonald did analysis about the market but it missed out some nitty gritty. A fish bone analysis needs to be done when you enter a market where you need to customize and diversify for the sake of the customers. 2. Is there anything that McDonald’s could have done to the foreseen or better repared itself for the negative publicity associated with the revelation that it used beef extract in its frying oil? hey have made for India market only coming out of their previous product type and thus could have taken customer into their confidence. This would have built up a huge customer loyalty for them. Then it would have been easier for them to fight back the negative marketing in a much easier manner. 3. How far should a firm such as McDonald’s go in localizing its product to account for ultural differences? At some might is losing by doing so?

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McDonald’s Hindu cultural case is a very important case study for any company dealing with direct customers. Here we can say, a company can go for localizing of their product or service till that level where it will be profitable business for the organization in the long run. Too much diversity may cause one organization lose their identity for which they are actually famous. That aspect should also be considered.

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