ELL proficiency standards Assignment

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The Arizona or TESOL English learner standards use a guide for differentiating instruction for various levels of ELLS by the teachers making the lessons have a content objective meaning on what the teacher wants all their students to learn in the classrooms. Also, each lesson needs to have a language objective as well which means that are specifically for each individual ELL student and base it in their TESOL standards in the classroom.

An example, is for the teacher to try to use both the content objective ike making the ELL students write down important facts about learning the English language and the language objective that need to be used by the ELL students will correctly use words or verbs to describe their feelings on the reason why these facts are so important to them.

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When teachers are making their lessons whether it be for the ELL students on level one which are known as beginners or on level five which are known as advanced students in the English language skills it should always provide precise visual support and guided reading until students master the grade-level aterials or instructions (Zehr, M. 2010).

Teachers should do a little bit of research while preparing their lessons of the ELLS for the language levels that pertain to the content of the students language being taught, give the ELL students the opportunity to interact with the English speakers in the classroom, teachers should target corrections where the students have specific errors, and teachers should be using appropriate level language aspects of the ELL students when assigning assessments, classwork, tests, homework, etc. Teachers in the field of educating ELLS of different English proficiency levels because all students do not learn at the same pace or same time (Zehr, 2010).

By the teachers having some type of assistance when planning the lessons or activities that will positively support appropriate content for the ELL student’s benefits their levels will increase to a successful education with the English language. The data from a various different sources relating to each of the learners’ progress in the classroom should be used as a tool that will drive the standards-based instruction by using the information to aim for the different learners and use the ifferent styles that the ELL students need to make sure they learn as much knowledge as they can in a high level classroom environment.

Teachers have to have differentiated standards when it comes to their students and their teaching abilities like to ensure that it is going to be successful as long as they have reliable and understanding different sources in the classroom, having ideas that make sure the ELL students understand what they are being taught by the teacher, and the teacher making sure their ELL students are not going to be confused on the different teaching ethods of the assignments that need to be learned and gone over for the students benefit needs in the classroom (Sephton, C. 013). Teachers need to use different learning skills or teaching styles for their ELL students to meet and become successful in learning the English language correctly. Standards are made to make student. Also, so that complications do not happen and it makes room for more clear understanding for teaching the ELL students in the classrooms on a daily basis.

The varieties of all differentiated standards available to the teachers in a lassroom provide the focus on all high expectations and the motivation that are needed to tailor instruction so that it meets all the needs of all the individual learners by help with differentiated instruction and a dedicated teacher, so that the standards and proficiency standards all will eventually line up more clearly for the ELL students benefits with their education process in the classrooms.

ELL’s have the more pressure of adding difficulty of trying to master a whole new language in the classroom but with from a dedicated teacher and team the individual student will ain the knowledge from the instruction or materials being used correctly to get the ELL students to have high expectations to want to learn more and motivate them to come to schools classroom to learn the English language daily.

The varieties of standards provided to educators are extremely diverse to maximize the potential of students as well as educators and the standards do exemplify high expectations of ELL students and on teachers, specifically as it relates to how to ensure students master the objection (Sunderman, G. 2008). These standards will become to help rain the teachers to stay focus on the goal at hand and it will also motivate the ELL students to head for success as well.

All students learn differently so when teachers plan a differentiated lesson plan they need to keep in mind to allow the ELL students an positive ideal learning structure, the more flexible ease of learning centered on the students level, as well as assignments that provide scaffolding from the teacher for comprehensive learning for the ELL student (Sunderman, 2008). Teachers can have the standards as a challenging task for the ELL students to accomplish their ell-rounded education that has a high goal level for differentiated instruction and motivation for the ELL students’ needs throughout the school year.

Reference Arizona Department of Education. (2003). Reading standards articulated by grade level Kindergarten. Retrieved December 7, 2013 from http://www. ade. state. az. us/standards/language-arts/bygradelevel/RdgGrK. pdf Sephton, C. (2013). ELL standards of learning instruction, ELL Education Learners. 3(4), 7-15. Zehr, M. A. (2010). Guide tells how to differentiate instruction for ELLS, Learning the Language. Editorial Projects in Education. 6(9), 3-5.

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