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For this assignment we will be asked to produce short research paper on an individual theorist we have discussed in class. If you look back at the readings you will most likely find references and suggestions for further readings concerning the available theorists. I would like you to choose one PERSON from the list below and research their particular form of thought. You can discuss their identity and history, but the main focus should be on their body of work.

In this regard, secondary sources hat discuss how they viewed the world are good resources to consult. Please use books, academic Journals, and if necessary credible websites (no Wikipedia, dictionary, or blog sites should be consulted). In understanding the way this person saw the world you will be better able to apply their perspective(s) to your world, a world filled with culturally and socially significant discourse and ideologically latent artifacts. Moving from a modernist to a postmodern approach that recognizes different perspectives as well as our own we will delve into the theories of a past thinker from critical perspective.

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Recognizing a mysterious process of unification that would never happen Marshall McLuhan for example presents a modernist attempt to master technology, nature, and society. Unlike some of McLuhan’s predictions his village would remain a ghost of modernist ideology that would never exist except through an awareness of an intense fragmentation. Never the less we can learn a lot from McLuhan’s observations that at the time seemed drastically radical. His notions of how media shapes our lives are still relevant today.

You may choose any of the heorists below to learn more about and I encourage you to recognize your own perspectives in that of the person you choose. 1) Plato 2) Aristotle 3) St. Augustine 4) Kenneth Burke 5) Jean-Paul Sartre 6) Simone de Beauvoir 7) Marshall McLuhan 8) Guy Debord 9) Donna Haraway 10) Jean Baudrillard 1 1) Jacques Derrida 12) N. Katherine Hayles Assignment essay that includes an interesting title, a critical thesis, 2 in-text citations, and 4 consulted sources (2 of which should be books) correctly cited in a works cited page. The paper should be 3 full pages in length, 12 pt. ont, double-spaced, and follow MLA format. We should develop a body of research on this theorist that understands what has already been noted/said about their work. Research Paper Outline Worksheet Heading and Format: The heading should appear on the front page only and contain just your name. The remaining pages should only have the page numbers as a heading. The paper should be typed and printed in double-spaced 12- point font black ink. Paragraphs should be present and indicated by a single tab indentation. Lines should not be skipped except for one space between the title and the body of the paper.

The works cited age should follow MLA citation and be printed on a separate page. Paper Title: Title should both reflect the topic as well the perspective the topic is discussed from. Avoid generic titles such as “Research Paper,” or titles that merely note the subject matter such as, “Marshall McLuhan. ” Your title should be an interesting and creative adaptation of your thesis statement. Locating McLuhanism: How a Canadian Intellectual Predicted and Simplified a Global Technological and Social Determinism. Introduction: Introduction to topic and perspective. Thesis statement. Preview.

Transition. This paper describes how a singular theorist, Marshall McLuhan, uprooted traditional interpretations of technological advancements while continuing to support outdated notions of social and cultural progress. Body: Bulk of the paper should contain three to four sections that support the thesis with examples, statistics, stories, evidence, people, history, artifacts, objects, places, language, etc. Transition. Main Point #1: Mediated prophet Subpoint a: Subpoint b: Main Point #2: Modernism/Postmodernism Main Point #3: Techno-culture and McLuhan’s return to essentialism Subpoint a:

Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the paper in an interesting way that lets the reader know of possible directions the information on the theorist can be taken. The thesis should be re-stated and the paper ended in a memorable way. Works Cited: On a separate sheet of paper you should list at least four sources you consulted throughout the paper. In the body of the paper you should quote one of these sources, but do not rely on lengthy quotations heavily in your paper. Works Cited McLuhan, Marshall and Quentin Flore. The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects. San Francisco: Hardwired, 1967. Print.

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