Wild China Assignment

Wild China Assignment Words: 355

The general topic will be how cultural practices and human use of resources affect wildlife in different ways. Your example(s) must be from Wild China. All your sources must be drawn from Wild China or Veeck et al. , including their “Further Reading”/”References Cited” sections; you may also use and cite one other source.

Use APA format for citations. The TA will use the video “Beyond the Great Wall” as an example In the tutorials January 17. Content: Whatever research orientation you adopt for your paper, you must outline the Issue under examination by providing its geopolitical context, causes, extent, and examples. You must use geographic concepts and techniques In your analysis of the issue. You will discuss how the Issue Is being addressed by the people/organlzatlons in the region, and critically assess their reasonableness and effectiveness. Evaluation: A. Proposal (250 words) graded as follows: 1 .

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Title and clear statement of thesis and conclusion. 2. Deflnltlon of spatial area and natural resource affected. 3. Preliminary discussion of causes or routes of change. 4. At least 5 sources, Bibliography with brief annotation. 5. Title page, physical, style/formats, grammar: 10 marks 20 10 B. Essay (1 500 words, excluding figures and works cited) graded as follows: 1. Flow of Ideas and argument structure: 30 marks 2. understanding and crltlcal Insight: 3. Meaningful use of maps, graphs, sources: Submission: Paper copies of the Proposal and the Essay are due in class to the TA on the specified dates.

If you cannot hand in your paper in class, your paper will be accepted only if you put it in the Geography Department Essay Dropoff Box located outside the main office of the Geography Department. For your Essay, you must also submit a MS Word e-copy to the Assignments area of the course OWL site, before the start of class on the due date. Submission is complete only when both copies are received. Late Penalty: A Proposal or Essay submitted late will be penalized by a deduction of 10% per day to the maximum of seven calendar days after which that late assignment will not be accepted for evaluation.

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