Active Student Vs Passive Student Assignment

Active Student Vs Passive Student Assignment Words: 655

The aim of both is to study but both eave different approaches which also have major impact on their grades as well as on their future. An active student develops a vision in his life and develops strategy to study in a way that can help him to achieve his goals in life. On the other hand, the passive student has no specific aim in his life. He merely studies to pass his exam. An active student has the thirst of knowledge and takes initiative to learn and to make clear every concept.

He always wants to be prominent in class or society with high grades. Whereas, the passive student is not conscious in this regard and just want to go through the exams. An active student pays his full attention to complete his syllabus, assignment, quiz and presentation in time with proactive approach. He priorities his studies on top of the list and does not waste his time. He always hates delays. In contrast to it, a passive student does not bother the deadlines and usually complete his work at eleventh hours.

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An active student develops a positive attitude in case of low grades or failures and tries to make up deficiency by pointing out his weak points. He spends lot of his time in library and combined studies to avail the opportunity to learn more about his pacific and other knowledge areas as and when available. On the other hand, the passive student develops negative approach in case of any failure and blames others despite of overcoming his lacking in specific knowledge areas. He wastes lot of his time in gossip and keep himself busy in pleasures of life.

An active student never compromises his study and do not waste his time in get to gathers and miscellaneous parties. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy life. He always has a planned schedule for each activity of his life. He also takes part in extracurricular activities like debates, sports and there healthy activities. But the passive student is often a lazy person and seldom takes part in healthy activities. He considers active student as a supernatural human being who can handle any situation.

An active student always begin with end in mind and takes appropriate measure to fulfill his aim and objectives. He is mainly principle centered and does not beat about the bush. He always takes his mood and atmosphere with him and doesn’t let the surrounding affect his mood or attitude. Apart from this, a passive student never thinks about any prospects of his actions and activities. He is easily affected by surrounding and atmosphere. His mood is good when the conditions are suitable; his mood is bad when the conditions are not apt to his desire.

He has no specific strategy to handle any specific situation or circumstances. An active student has win-win strategy. He bears positive attitude and let everybody take advantage of his skills and shares knowledge and experience. He helps others to clarify their queries and try to solidify basic concepts. It also helps him in his studies and other areas of life. As far as the passive student is concerned, he bears very conservative approach. He hides knowledge and rarely shares it with others.

He consider his knowledge and experience as his key tool to take advantage over others. In short, active student is very effective in all core areas of life. His attitude takes him to every possible success in his academic as well as in future life. Whereas the passive student usually faces difficulties in current and upcoming scenarios. If he gets success by chance, it is generally very short term and he couldn’t take it very long. So, the passive student must have to change his behavior and attitude to be successful.

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