E-Active Marketing: Ben and Jerry’s Assignment

E-Active Marketing: Ben and Jerry’s Assignment Words: 769

I have taken away four different strategies that stood out most to me and analyzed them in relation to their place on the e-marketing pyramid, and to the six criteria. Strategy #1 Ben website offers a plethora of choices, from which country to view, flavors, and links Into their page connected to their political standpoints. Their options to choose these links in their banners, lets their website and company identify who they are and what they do. This is also referred to the identification level n the pyramid.

Ben & Jerry identification strategy builds memorabilia and likeability to consumers. The use off variety of color, links, and information attracts the consumer to want to click and find out more about this unique ice-cream company. Strategy #2 The second strategy I see them using a lot Is their social media. Twitter, Backbone, Mainstream, Google*, and Pinsetters are all accessible right from the Ben & Jerry homepage. These coincide most with the level of association, but with discussion as well. In the association standpoint which is the stronger of the two in this situation, it s showing clearly who the company is associated with.

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With the discussion part it leads consumers into more insights to ask and see responses to questions, and the opportunity to share. This shows adaptability In the company, In where they are flexible enough to have all these separate entitles that are Corey all about Ben & Jerry. Strategy #3 Ben top of the pyramid strategy of Interaction, is portrayed through their company sponsored blobbing page as well as their Backbone. They have created a space where people come to them to share their Ben & Jerry moments.

This leaves he ability for the consumer to choose how to show their favorite flavor, flavor ideas, pictures, and memorable moments in life with Ben & Jerry involved. Instead of the company reaching out and looking for these highlights, the consumer goes directly to teen Ana ten woe tenet Ben & Jeer moment. Page Ana can snare Walt n many people Strategy #4 The final strategy I found Ben & Jerry to frequent, is that of their E-mail (newsletters). The consumers can sign up directly from their website and become a “Countersunk”, the name given to their avid ice cream lovers and fans.

This rings about a high level of association and discussion from the e-marketing pyramid. They keep all of their Senselessness’s up to date on new flavors, flavor ideas, where to buy seasonal flavors, Chummily, events in the areas, passes to games and web sites associated with Ben & Jerry, and much more. It is a strong way to stay active with consumers and gives them the opportunity to respond back. Having their email and newsletters going out keeps consumers happy and makes for a likeable Future Strategy My future strategy plan that I would suggest to Ben & Jerry would be to use more social media to attempt crowd sourcing.

There are so many opportunities for them with Vine, Mainstream, and Youth to have consumers do their advertising for them, with an incentive. They could easily use moments that are captured by their consumers and posted to advertise to the “Family man Philips” who wants to take his kids out for Ben & Jerry, or the coach of the t-ball team, and so on. It would stick to Ben & Jerry values of being activist and earth friendly and attract to young families. Kids aged 2-12, and adults 45 and up are the biggest consumers of ice cream in the United States.

On the pyramid this would fall on the identification and association levels, due to the amount of outreach and video sharing that would be involved. Some may even say it hits the interaction level since of its high activity on other social networks. I think that the six criteria could all be a part of this strategy as well. There will be likeability in how people can relate to the situations. Ben & Jerry is international so it could be a campaign used worldwide giving it transferability. It can be used on more than one social media application which has adaptability.

The memorabilia will be with the real life connections made from videos submitted by consumers, and meaningfulness comes through the real life moments as well. Protect ability will be the lowest of the forms because many companies can choose to use their social media and consumers to crowd source for them, but it would be protected legally due to Ben & Jerry being such a large company.

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