How could Boots use relationship marketing? Assignment

How could Boots use relationship marketing? Assignment Words: 1060

Boots could use ‘people’ as a way to build relationships by having polite and helpful staff working In their company; when customers come to the shop they expect the employees to be nice and knowledgeable In order to recommend the best product for each customer, this would build relationships with a customer because they would enjoy the experience and come back again to use their service which means more profit for the company; also the customer might tell their friends how much an employee knew about the products and how helpful they was which would bring potential customers to the business.

For example Boots having an employee that knows how to contour would be helpful for a customer since the employee could recommend how to do it and what products to use.

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Another way Boots could use relationship marketing is by process, the layout of the shop should be simple and the products should be easy to find, this would build relationship with customers because when they come to the shop and everything is easy to find they would enjoy their shopping experience more which means they would come back in the future, furthermore products that are similar to each other could be placed near each other because it would make shopping quicker for the customer, for example foot scrubs shouldn’t be placed next to foundation since they got no link to each other.

By having a comfortable and nice physical environment the Boots could develop a relationship with their customers because if the customer feels happy, comfortable and finds the shop nice they would like to come back more; also Boots could have facilities in their shop which would attract the customers to use the service since not a lot of retail shops have toilets in their store. Having a tidy and smart store could also keep customers on coming back to the business because they would feel like the environment is professional and enjoyable.

By doing promotion boots could build relationships by giving out special offers for their longtime customers and sending them special vouchers, this would build relationship because everyone Likes to save money so when they see vouchers that allow them to save some money they would be Interested, also special offers could make a customer come back to Boots since It might be an offer that they can’t reject, for example buy one get one free.

Products could build relationship marketing because If a product Is nice looking and unique It would automatically catch the customers eye and make them Interested, Boots selling perfume In nice bottles could Interest the customer because everyone Likes pretty perfume bottles that automatically make customers think the perfume would smell nice. Boots could build relationship with their customer by having cheaper prices on their products than business that sells the products for cheaper than their competitors.

Having stores all around UK could also build relationship with customers because if a store is close to their house they are most likely to use the service especially the older generation that rather shops in stores than on the internet, the shop should also be easy to find for he customer so they don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for it.

The ladder of customer loyalty could be used to develop relationships with customers because the whole point of the ladder of customer loyalty is to turn a suspect into an advocate for the business benefit, because at the point when a client becomes an advocate they recommend the business to their friends and family.

First Boots could advertise their product to catch the customer’s attention, and then when the customer is interested the marketing Job is to make them buy the product, when the customer buys a reduce Boots needs to make sure their experience is good and they enjoy the product to keep them coming back and spending more money which would turn them into a client; if the client keeps on coming back to the business and enjoys their experience they would turn into an advocate which means they would keep on using their business and promote it to others by word of mouth; Boots could give loyalty awards and freebies for these customers to keep them happy. The total product concept helps to build relationships because it shows what is good about the product ND what could be improved, this could build relationship with between Boots and customers because the business would know what is already attracting the customer and what could be improved to make them even more happier and make sure the product is the best quality.

Level one of the total product concept is ‘Core product’ which shows what the product needs to do or what it is used for, for example a Maxtor foundation is expected to provide coverage for the customer’s face. Level two of the total product concept is ‘Actual product’ this shows what benefits come tit the product and why it is better than the product that the competitor is selling, for example the Maxtor foundation would provide coverage, but would also be pore minimizing which means it is better than Just simple foundation found at the competitors shop. Level three of the total product concept is ‘Augmented product’ which is all the non-tangible benefits Boots would offer. For example customers can order the Maxtor foundation online and collect it on the next day.

Bigger boots stores also have make-up artists in the shop that would recommend the customer hat color is most suitable for their face and how to apply it correctly. And the last level is ‘potential product’ which looks how the product could be improved and be better than the one competition is providing. For example L’Oreal provides an anti- ageing foundation while Amiability provides a long lasting foundation which Maxtor could look into and improve it for their foundation to make it more attractive for their customers which would make it more attractive for the customer. Overall there is a lot of ways Boots could build long term relationship with their customers to keep them on coming back and spending money.

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