Key Principles of Relationship Marketing Assignment

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There are many keys principles of relationship marketing. Firstly, company need to identify their potential customers before setting up a business. The company needs to find out what types of customer that their business target for. The business will only grow bigger if they understand the customers’ needs and wants. Besides, the company may use some promotional strategies in order to meet their appropriate customer and even prospects. For example, Toy ‘r’ us is a company that selling various kind of toys.

Their target market or potential customer probably is a parent rather than a kid because the parent is the only one that spends money to purchase toy for their child. Furthermore, the company also needs to offer good customer service as to have a good relationship with their customer. The company must answer all request from their customers and as polite as they can within short period of time. It is important to let their customer know the company is tried to take care of them. They will begin to believe product and service offer by the company if they feel the company take care of them by provide all information they want to know.

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For example, many company now a day such as Nokia using telemarketing in order to establish relation with their customer by helping their customer solve problem and provide information for their customer about their new products and services that available in the market. The other key principle of relationship marketing is the company need to build trust with their customers. The trust of customer is not easy earned by a company, it may take long time for a customer to believe the company. The company needs to be careful when they trying to provide any information for their customer and most of the time the information must accurate.

Trust may create long term relationship between customer and the company. The customer may keep purchase their product and service if they trust the company. For example, people choose ING insurance because they trust the company, their relative and even their children may also choose the same company because of the trust thing. Reference: – http://www. email-list-builder. com/key_principles_of_relationship_marketing. htm – http:www. hbanet. org/1231330. 55046. asp – http://www. converge. on. ca – http://www. artileally. om/article_1376_15. html –

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