Marketing and Social Networks Assignment

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West. “Beyond The “Like” Button: The Impact Of Mere Virtual Presence On Brand Evaluations And Purchase Intentions In Social Medal Settings. ” Journal Of Marketing 76. 6 (2012): 105-120. Business Source Premier. Web. 6 Feb.. 2013. 2. What’s your social media strategy? Social media has changed the way we conduct business. Different social websites Like face book and twitter have given marketing companies a new way to market there company. On these sites they are sharing pictures, locations, and updates. It allows businesses to take a different marketing approach.

Consumers can blob, type in keywords or phrases In search engines, and share photos of Items they Like Campbell, Denies. “What’s Your Social Media Strategy? “. Black enterprise; Nonevent, Volvo. 31 issues, pop-76, up. Academic search premier. 6 Feb.. 2013 3. Your Social Media Rep: Nothing to Tweet About. Social media marketing can be successful if it has the right strategy and the right people conducting it. Social media representatives need the right training and resources to promote the brand to do a good Job marketing the company. To do a well job everyone needs training.

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Websites content have to stay up to date. Jimson- Bin, Jonathan. Inform Socialistic Rep: Nothing To Tweet About. ” Brandywine; 8/30/2010, Volvo. 51 Issue 31, pop-34, Ip. Academic search premier. 6 Feb.. 2013 4. Is Your Consumer using Social Media? Social media marketing is an effective way to target audiences. To be successful companies have to research to decide what kind of strategy their business need to use. There are different types of social medias such as blobs and social networks. These social medias are becoming very useful in the business industry today.

It lows the consumers to give feedback to the business. Bulk, Beth Snyder. “Is Your Consumer using Social Media? “. Advertising Age; 5/5/2008, Volvo. 79 Issue 18, pop-1 3, up 5. Social Media: Marketing Public Relations’ New Best Friend. The internet has come along way for businesses. Today business could use the Internet as a marketing strategy. The marketing process is inexpensive, it reaches millions of people worldwide, and gives companies feedback. Social media could eventually fade away the traditional marketing practices. Social media has an big impact on marketing practices.

Pusillanimous, Ionian. “Social Media: Marketing Public Relations’ New Best Friend. Journal of Promotion Management; July-Seep 2012, Volvo. 18 Issue 3, This article is about how to come up with a strategy to use social media successfully. It gives you tips on how to maintain your blob and maintain your presents on your social media site. The article helps you determine what monitoring tool is best for you. Also teaches you how to choose a social media dashboard. Golden, Steve. “A guide to social media. ” Content; Junction, pop-31, up. Academic Search Premier. 6 Feb. 2013 7.

When it comes to face book, relevance may be refined. This article studies internet marketing through corporate use of social media. The social medias include twitter, face book, and blobs. Marketers set that the most effective messages posted are not related to their brand but they receive a great amount of potential customers. Potential customers could lead to a successful business. Creamer, Matt. “When it comes to face book, relevance may be defined. ” Advertising Age; 11/29/2010, Volvo. 81 Issue 42, up-39, up. Academic Search Premier. 6 Feb.. 2013 8. Why social networks are cool on sharing.

This article focus on the business relationship between marketing research companies and social media companies. Major online social networks make a large amount of data on consumers available to marketing researchers. Member privacy rights are a concern by social media firms. Third parties are getting information and using it for marketing. Neff, Jack. “Why social networks are cool on sharing. ” Advertising Age; 5/2/2011, Volvo. 82 Issue 18, up-7, l/p. Academic Search Premier. 6 Feb.. 2013 9. Do’s & Don’t: Lessons from McDonald’s Social-Media Experiences.

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