Smoker: Passive Smoking and Visual Argument Assignment

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Being a parent or not, have some respect! Children, matter of fact anyone, should not have to smoke your cigarette with you. I entirely disagree with being able to entrap innocent bystanders in your cloud of bad habit. The image I chose shows an innocent, little girl with a halo of smoke above her head. Next to her is wording that says, “Children of parents who smoke, get to heaven faster”. The argument that arises from my image would be smokers against non-smokers. In most cases, smokers will en until they are blue in the face that smoking around people will risk their health as well as their own. Eave heard my family members, being smokers, tell me time after time, “Oh, your great-grandfather smoked till he was ninety- three. ” With this being said, that makes it k for you to smoke and fill mine and my sisters lungs of it? Being a second hand smoker growing up, I can clearly see the difference in my health compared to a non-second hand smoker’s health. Even though I was on lay taking in sidestroke smoke, smoke owing from lighted end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar, it is still full of carcinogens, nicotine, and other known cancer causing agents.

Lung cancer, breast cancer, asthma, you name it; they all can be caused by second hand smoking. Children, like myself at one time, are more likely to be hospitalized when they have a sickness as simple as the flu because of being victims of second hand smoke. Exposure to second hand smoke while pregnant will increase the chance that a woman will have a stillborn birth, low birth-weight baby, and other pregnancy and delivery problems. And my parents wonder why they do not see me much anymore? I am pregnant with another baby girl and read a lot about effects of smoking.

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I do not want my children being affected my second hand smoke like was. They do not have enough courtesy smoke elsewhere rather than around their granddaddies, let alone a stranger on the street. Smoking will never be permitted in my home. If ask my parents not to smoke around my babies, I always get the same response Of, “You are still alive and I smoked around you your whole life”. That response sickens me and I instantly leave. I have really come to love all the new laws of not permitting smoking in workplaces, restaurants, and plenty other places.

It makes me wonder how many deaths it took for the government to finally start throwing out laws banning smoking in certain areas. When was younger, remember almost every restaurant had smoking and non-smoking sections. Of course, my parents always chose the smoking section. It was ridiculous to be that my parents would actually entrap their kids with smoke in public, not only from themselves but the other smoker’s smoke in that section as well. Always shared my meal with the cloud of smoke around me. M thankful for more laws and statistics on deaths caused by second hand smoking. Yes, there are still places that you will encounter permissible public smoking, but usually you have a certain direction you can turn to avoid it. Concluding my argument, I feel like a law should be placed on smoking around any children or citizens that cannot run from sidestroke smoke. Non smokers and smokers can go back and forth all day long, but in the end the non-smokers will always come out on top. Cancers and deaths caused by mooing are verifiable in many ways.

One of the main questions you get asked at any type of doctor appointment is, “DO you or anyone in your household smoke? ‘ They do not ask that for enjoyment! They ask because it probably has a lot to do with why you are at the doctor in the first place. The increase in smoking laws has fulfilled many victims of second hand smoke prayers. We all should think of the long-term effects. Do you want your children or relatives to go to heaven faster? Works Cited Freckle, Seek. Children of parents who smoke, get to heaven earlier.. 2006. Photograph. Ads of the World, Hamburg, Germany.

Web. 1 Feb. 2013.. Visual Argument Peer Review Worksheet Directions: The author should copy and paste the peer review form to the end of your rough draft, after the Works Cited or References page. Submit your paper to the proper Group or Discussion Board. Goals: The goal of the peer review is to help a classmate improve his or her paper by showing the author the strengths and weaknesses that may not be apparent, and to help improve editing skills. Instructions for the review: Reread the assignment and then critically evaluate he authors draft based on the assignment.

The Reviewer should read the authors analysis carefully twice, once to get an overview of the paper, and a second time to provide constructive criticism that will assist the author in revising his or her paper. Avoid one word “yes” or “no” responses. Insert responses to each question after the question. Author: Reviewer: 1. What do you believe is the writer’s (of the visual argument draft) thesis/ claim about the visual? Analyze whether the thesis/claim is effective for the writer’s argument about the visual. 2.

Discuss in detail how the author’s summary of the visual analyzed does or does not allow a reader to view the Original visual without seeing the visual. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the visual description or summary? Be specific. 3. Discuss how the author identifies the visual strategies used in the visual. Explain why (or why not) a reader is able to “see” this visual based on the writer’s description. 4. Describe the support the author used in the analysis. Is the support relevant and adequate? 5. Discuss the organization of the essay.

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