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Evaluation Argument Health benefits from banning smoking Smoking should be banned on college campuses because it is in the best interest of public health to do so. For this ethical/ evaluation argument assignment I have chosen the topic of the increase of health benefits from the ban of smoking on college campuses. I chose this topic because I feel very strongly about the fact that there is an increased number of college students that smoke. The toll that smoking takes on people’s lives is tragic and ultimately deadly.

My topic is specifically the statistics of the ban of smoking on college campuses and also some Of the reasons why smoking should be banned from most if not all campuses. I feel that this essay will be beneficial to all college students because in one way or the other, we’re around some form of smoking or second hand smoke which affects us just as much. This topic isn’t too broad because will generally talk about facts of smoking on college campuses and the general health deficiencies that come from it.

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I believe this argument will be most effective if were to order it from statistics, o health risks, ending with facts on smoking itself and how it effects the typical college student. ‘As of July 8th, 2013, at least 1200 college and university campuses in the U. S. Have adopted 100% smoke free campus policies that eliminate smoking in indoor and outdoor areas across the entire campus, including residences. I find this fascinating that this many campuses have eliminated smoking to this kind of extreme where it isn’t even allowed in housing around the campus.

That number has grown from 530 campuses the same time two years earlier ND 420 campuses three years ago. Studies have shown that this number will climb rapidly as a result to the growing number of social norm supporting smoke free environments and support from within the academic community for such policies for campus health and well-being. ‘(Tobacco-free Campuses Help Student Smokers Quit. ” USA Today. Gannett, n. D. Web. 04 Novo. 2013. ) Some of you may be asking the question, “Why are campuses going ‘Smoke free’ and/or tobacco free? The number of campuses going smoke free and tobacco free jumped by leaps and bounds since 2009. The peptic of this number is due in part to the efforts of the American college health association which adopted a Position Statement on Tobacco in September 2009 and the social norm change about when people smoke as a result of city and state wide laws. To this day, 49. 1% of the U. S. Population is protected by a 100% smoke free workplace, restaurant, and bar. Most local and state laws do not include college campuses, although some States do not include State schools in their smoke free workplace laws.

There is a need to protect employees and students from exposure to secondhand smoke on college campuses and create an expectation that this living and working environment be smoke free. I believe that it is crucial to note that the tobacco industry continues to market and advertise its products to young adults in order to maintain its profitability, and the tobacco use and prevalence statistics for young adults demonstrate that the plan is having an effect. One need only look promotions held in bars across campuses all over the country to realize that 18-24 year olds are important to the tobacco industry.

The following facts are a few I happened to run across in an article I read. In 201 0, there were more than 20 million students enrolled in degree-granting institutions. This does not include faculty, staff, and visitors to campuses who are also impacted by a smoke free or tobacco-free campus policy. Many risk factors, including tobacco use, peak from 18-25 years of age; college attendance could be a turning point in choosing not to use tobacco. 24. 8% of full-time college students ages 18-22 years old were current smokers in 2010.

The number of makers who initiated smoking after age 18 increased from 600,000 in 201 2 to 1 million in 2010. Progression from occasional to daily smoking almost always occurs by age 26. While smoking rates are higher for their peers not enrolled in college. College students and campus policies offer a unique opportunity to create and sustain tobacco- free living. (Smoking Ban Gains Traction on Campus. ” Minnesota Daily. N. P. , 04 Novo. 2013. Web. 04 Novo. 2013. ) do however know that my opinion doesn’t matter to many people that do smoke on a college campus.

I am aware that people will argue my idea of banning smoking from a college campus because they have their own rights to do as they please but if enough students, faculty, and teachers were to come together and join an argument to benefit everyone’s health, then our opinions would make a difference and matter. The most recent school system to snuff out campus tobacco was the Ohio public college school system when the Board of regents recommended an all-out prohibition on tobacco products. In June, the university System of Maryland announced that n 12 institutions, inside and out, would go smoke-free by next July.

Come September; the use and advertising of tobacco will be forbidden anywhere at schools within the City University of New York system. (Compositor. Com) I hope that it is clear by now that am for the banning of smoking on University campuses around the country for the benefit for students, teachers, faculty, and the community as a whole. My opinion is only one opinion and although know many people feel the same way I do about the ban of smoking on college campuses, there has never been a legitimate argument without the opposing viewpoint rebutting my case.

Someone against my case would bring up the question, “Why should someone oppose tobacco use on a college campus? ” There are a few points someone rebutting this point could make and one Of these is that banning the use Of tobacco on college campuses tramples on tobacco users rights. Setting boundaries in a public setting is also nearly impossible to enforce because you cannot physically send someone to patrol to make sure this rule is being followed. Another issue that would arise is that not everyone would approve because they may eel as if their rights and toes are being stepped on.

Although I am for the ban of smoking on college campuses, I am certain that enrollment in the university would decline tremendously because there is a majority of students that use some sort of tobacco product. If the enrollment however didn’t decrease, feel as if the smokers and tobacco users would feel pushed off campus to apartment complexes which then lowers the universities income ultimately. Tied with the point that this law would almost be impossible to enforce, it would also be costly if you did pursue enforcement cause you would have to send someone to patrol the campus and make sure the law is being respected and followed.

Tobacco users do have just as many rights as non tobacco user have. The use of tobacco however is not a right. The institution has the right to prohibit the use as much as they have the right to prohibit alcohol usage. Most institutions restrict smoking to areas outside buildings with the possible exception of on campus living areas. I would like to conclude my strong opinion towards the banning of smoking with a few points however. The keys to success are to treat others with respect.

We as supporters of the banning of tobacco use cannot demotion tobacco users. It is important that we act slow towards finalization and act quickly towards the establishment of reasonable expectations. Time is our ally. Although my opinion is strong towards the ban of tobacco use on campus, treating others fairly and respectfully is or at least should be my number one goal. Feel as if their rights and toes are being stepped on.

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