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With the many different ways to define a successful career, each professional will define his or her success by the values and ethics he or she believes to be true. The personal values of each person guide professional behavior with such actions as integrity and honesty. Ethics are the morale standards each person obtains throughout life, which are used during the decision-making process. Together they allow professionals to make choices, have consequences, and create outcomes for success or failure. Definition and three examples of professional values

The professional values in this type of area have many different varieties dealing within the business spectrum. It seems that it is so hard to pick only three values that tending to be important because there are so many of them. The three values most common within a Professional level such as: Quality, Leadership, and Growth. These three values are found to be most important concerning business on a Professional level. Quality has to be its main focus pertaining to the degree of excellence with social status of that certain kind of characteristic.

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This type of value must be acquired skill accomplishment. Leadership comes from a certain type of value with the capacity to lead in any kind of environment either by a personal level to a more professional level. This value has an important function as in knowing how to organize a business, and also knowing that this will be a form of a person pursuing on professional level or personal level. The last value would be Growth, which has a process from starting at the bottom and working toward the top. This can be a business growth or even pertain to us on a personal level side as well.

This is a stage in which growth expands at a greater rate rather then economy. This type of growth can redirect itself towards a relationship at a high proportion because of income, which should be put back into the professional level in the business, (Murray Elsass, Urban Elsass and Son, Inc. , personal communication, March 25, 2010). Definition and three examples of professional ethics “Professional ethics concerns the moral issues that arise because of the specialist knowledge that professionals attain, and how the use of this knowledge should be governed when providing a service to the public” (Chadwick).

This is something that has become more focus on professional ethics. It used in a roundabout way for businesses behaving ethically and the public trusted them to avoid advantage of that trust. It is the matter of smart business practice that they focus on behaving ethically. With example a business chooses to work with a competitor to set a higher price for the goods being provided. This is an example of price matching and is illegal in the United States and is bad business practice.

An ethical way for a business to work is to set a price based on services rendered that is fair and reflects on the quality of the goods that they are providing. Another example that a business will choose to recall a product if they become aware of any issues that may be associated with it. A company that chooses to show concern will provide a safe and reliable product, then with the cost of a recall. One big focus that has been occurring lately is companies, which misleading information about their profits by increasing stocks.

This misleading information can be the cause of many lost jobs, lost retirements, and bankruptcy of the business. It is for business to try to work through any down times and to use good ethics and values to increase business in a positive way, instead of trying for the quick easy way to make as much as possible. How professional values impact career success Professional values impact career success by identity in a business aspect. The corporation relies on a person to sell in today’s business. Keep in mind reputation and appearance matters.

Some companies value are very important and the want a strong and dedicated person who can look good first and then hold a nice presentation. The part that sells is building your goals to that next level. It is as if like when you go on an interview you want to look good first and then worrying about the question next. The impact is being able to stand being judged of an organization in the corporate world. The way to arrive at this and that is to get ideas from family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers.

This will help you deal with other people judging you before you get to that job interview, meeting, or your job in general. Sometimes your body language, your voice, or your image can send out the wrong signal to an employer. It can lead up to people being judged. This is the world we live in and it may not always be right, but it happens. How professional ethics impact career success Professional ethics plays an important part of career success by what they learn early in life through family, religious, cultural standards, and personal experiences.

We learn ethics early in life, which will lead to holding themselves to higher standards in relation to the success of their careers. Our professional ethics will be the determining factor on whether they succeed or fail in the long term goal of their careers. The impact of unethical behavior can be a life changing consequence that could lead to fines, judgments and even incarceration, and the ending of a successful career. The ethical issue became a focus in the early 21st century, which prompted Congress to enact the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 to create stronger oversight of major companies.

This Act has an impact on one’s career concerning professional ethics in the workplace. Making ethical decisions is not easy???especially when the situation involves multiple points of view, conflicting objectives, incomplete knowledge, or ambiguity. According to the article “Professional Ethics: The importance of teaching ethics to future professionals, By Nick Nichols, George V. Nichols Jr. and Patsy A. Nichols”, ” Students should be made aware that as professionals they will have special obligations to themselves and their stake holders(July 2007,vol 52, issue 7, pg 37-41). Conclusion In conclusion, for the Professional values and ethics that would be successful in regard to the personal and professional levels. This can form particular three Professional values such as: Quality, Leadership, and Growth. There many other important structures within the business sector such as: professional ethics, values impact on career success and professional ethics that have impact on career success. This concludes the summary of our Team A vital paper for your review. Reference:

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