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Professional Values and Ethics Paper Learning Team A Gen/200 February 22, 2010 Ramona White Professional Values and Ethics Paper Professional values and ethics are the template in which we will follow as employees to carry ourselves within the expectations of our companies. Values are the beliefs of what are most important to us in our lives. Ethics are what we believe to be morally right and wrong. In a professional setting we have to work together with our co-workers under the same rules and guidelines. Companies will expect us as workers to abide by their codes of conduct and conform to the companies needs.

The companies that do not have all of the involved employees following the value and ethics codes to the best of their abilities will be in great danger of the companies productivity and survival. Employees who follow the code of ethics will be aware of how to work effectively and communicate with others. Most companies will expect their employees to carry their codes of ethics on and off the job. When employees are not on the job they still represent that company in many ways. Values and ethics start on a personal level so when a person comes into a job with personal values and ethics it is usually a pretty smooth transition.

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Companies want their employees to fully buy in to what the company is all about and trying to promote. When companies have employees that are following the codes to satisfaction the company will have every opportunity to prosper. This is why it is a hard job for employers to screen people who they will feel will be a productive worker with strong professional values and ethics. Professional value and ethic can impact career success when someone begins a new career or a new job, values and ethics play a big role in career success (If we define success as holding a job for a long time, and is able to receive a promotions or ecognitions). Let’s say that an employee works for a pharmaceutical manufacturing lab. In that type of job there are so many procedures and steps at the time of producing pills, tablets, capsules or liquid medicine. When value and ethics of the employees are not the same as the one of the company that is going to affect the relationship between both parties. If the employees are focused on achieve recognition or a big bonus based on production, and one of the batches he is working on generates a inexplicable amount of waste, because of poor performance, and at the end he adds to that batch some pills that based on quality ontrol inspections are not acceptable or rejected pills because of weight or hardness of the pills or tablets. The employee doing such a thing will put the consumer at risk, and are not showing values and ethics in his job. Not long ago, thousands of loans officers violated the conduct of ethics and values because their definition of success it was based on financial terms. Those who didn’t follow their values and ethics and printed false income documents for clients, or knew that those clients could not afford those mortgages but proceeded submitting those loans knowing that sooner or later those people cannot continue making payments.

They are an example of how a person working just for money without value or ethics can ruin not only his career’s success but also an entire market and other careers and reputation. Professional values and ethics are definitely essential in any work environment. In relation to career success, values and ethics are an important aspect. Work experience will get you a promotion, but honesty, integrity, and dependability are the values that make you stand out from fellow employees. Moral standards in a work environment, although sometimes seems non-existent, shows fellow employees that there are better ways to establish career success, than eing selfish, overbearing or taking credit for someone else’s work. It also shows customers and business relationships/partners that you uphold a moral standard that some companies can’t even begin to start or even fathom. Competition is a work environment is sometimes very cut throat, and although this may be the case, morals tend to make customers and even other companies want to do business with you. On an individual level, it shows trustworthiness, and also great communication skills. My supervisor sometimes says, “Honesty is the most important aspect of business today. ” This means that people do not want a sales pitch, hether it is if you are interviewing for a new job, or trying to get someone’s business. People want to relate to you on a human level and know that it is not all about profit. Professional value and ethics are at the central core to many business and organizations. Values can be defined by the individual or organization that represents the integrity, professionalism, stewardship within that company. He or she receives the moral preface as a child in certain settings. Churches, Boyscout’s, Girlscout’s, athletic clubs and other enrichment organization plant the seeds of moral value and judgment, hus ethics. Ethics perceive the moral behavior as the accepted character while performing his or her job duty. Normally, ethics will hold employees accountable for good or bad behavior and determine if these behavior(s) are in sync or not. Most employers can only enact policies to govern unethical behavior among the employees. There is also another side to professional value and ethics that govern such things as race, gender, sexual preference, religious practice and affiliation. Discrimination is the negative behavior that has to enforce without taken in some margin of liability.

A highly publicized case is the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that only allowed gays to remain silent and avoid anyone knowing the possibility of their sexual preference. Now that more and more citizens are utilizing the core value of ethics to act and represent such, the reflectance can be held for others to judge. The liability can cost a company a substantial amount of money if laws or ethics issues are not protected by the employer. Thus, the employer has to recognize the ever changing dynamics of values and ethics inside the work force and strategically make every employee responsible to adhere by such laws.

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