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Once we move into metaphysics the naturalistic assumption of science must be done away with as It Is no longer either Justifiable or useful. Indeed It Is a metaphysical statement Itself–as it lies behind science, it cannot be examined scientifically. I actually find this fact so fascinating, although there is no surprise that the earth is very, very fine tuned and the conditions necessary for life are too perfect to have occurred naturally, and the complexity of DNA is so great that there must be an intelligence behind the creation of the earth and all life.

It is amazing the stories some people will Invent and believe to avoid believing In God for who evidence Is available. Some take fine-tuning as evidence that God created the universe. You can Imagine physicists’ horror at the thought. But what other explanation could there be? Well, we’ve hit the road to find some answers from some of the top physicists in the world. If God were non-physical and therefore unseen, it would be a category mistake to make him a subject of hypothesizing in physics. That there had to be at least one that evolved like ours smuggled In a faith statement to avoid the God-hypothesis?

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The minds from the future have fine tuned the earth. Perhaps of descendants that have reached back through time to the Big Bang and selected the very laws of hicks that allow for the existence of minds in the first place. It’s like a loop through time, stretching from the far future back to the Big Bang, the future selecting the past and the past allowing the future The explanation that appeals to me the most Is the Idea of multiple universes as It does not contradict Scam’s razor, because it is only multiplying the same kind of thing.

Our universe may not be real. Aliens could have created out universe. We might be living inside some elaborate computer simulation that perhaps some futuristic kid magnificent conclusion that an all-powerful and creative God was the source of everything we see in the universe. God has been trying to tell us that the odds are impossibly unfavorable and that He alone is the only explanation for our existence. God is the creator of the universe and the only being who can transcend the odds.

Let’s say the probability of life beginning in the universe is 1/ 1 billion. However, if there are 1 billion universes, then there will be one with life. Problem solved! Generally coincidences surprise us because, naturally enough given their nature, we just weren’t expecting them. Most people know that sometimes things Just happen at he same time. But some people Just refuse to believe it. My scientifically trained mind cried, “Show me the proof! I felt that I needed to see little beams of energy floating through the air in order to believe that this statement was true. Newton believes we live in an orderly universe, one that is governed by predictable and immutable laws of physics, such as, “For every effect, there must be a corresponding cause, I reckon both the idea of multiple universes and the ‘God’ explanation introduce at least one extra level of existence or explanation beyond the observable physical universe. This would mean that the two explanations are equivalent in terms of Scam’s Razor.

Before we start exploring what’s wrong with a multiversity, we notice that if scientists could confirm that there were multiple universes, this would not disprove the existence of a creator God But he also advances multiple universes as an explanation for cosmic fine tuning, without any supporting evidence. Its Just an argument for some kind of designer or other. And “some kind of designer or other” might not be anything at all like God as traditionally conceived. One thing hat drives home Just how far a generic designer might be from a traditional god is the simulation argument.

Unless humans go extinct, we will eventually develop the capacity to run computer simulations of our history. Simulations that would include simulated people, simulated in such great detail that they would behave like real people. And in fact, these simulated people wouldn’t know they were living in a simulation. UT there is not the slightest evidence for them. In fact, no evidence is even possible, so proposal is unscientific. Better to believe in a supernatural designer, which has good analogical support.

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