The Rise of Christianity Assignment

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The rise of Christianity put an end to the classical age of Europe with the help of the Romans, Christianity spread much faster. Rome was one of the main centers of Christian development. One of the Roman emperors, Constantine, let freedom of conscience for the people, made Christianity on a full legal equality with any religion in Rome, and later it was the official religion of the empire. The Roman Empire aid the spread of Christianity in many ways. Because the Romans are tolerate of religion, Christianity spread much faster.

Around when Christianity was rising, Rome starts to decline, so there are a lot of poor people and the poor tends to like Christianity a lot. St. Paul also aid in the spread of Christianity, he set up the doctrines that are the basis for Christianity which was: Jesus was sent by God to redeem humanity from sins, all humans are sinful because of Adam and Eve, by dying on the cross, Jesus made it possible for humans to be saved, anyone could be saved through faith in God. Christianity is so appealing to so many people in the Roman Empire because it give people ideas of why things happen the way it is.

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It was simple; it only has one god who is the creator of everything rather then the old complex religion which is a bunch of gods for everything there is. It explains why theres evil in the unisverse and what is evil. It gives the people a sense of moral structure of the universe. The idea of God guaranteeds safety and justice to all gave followers a sense of community and fellowship to the people. It was available to ordinary folks rather than just the higher class. There is many differences between Christian and Humanist two most important Differences I can think of is there believe in god and the family values.

Christian’s point of view of god: God do exist in the universe and he is active in almost all human affairs. His the creator, provider, lawgiver, savior, redeemer, and the judge of all the people, god is also very loving and compassionate. Humanist point of view of god is: GOD: “God is either meaningless or irrelevant to the question of the survival and fulfillment of the human race. ” The qoute basicly tells that god do not exist, and that man is god. Christians point of view of family values is sexual conducts must be restricted.

The roles and responsibility of different gender must be different. Humanist idea of family value is total opposite of the Christians. Many believe that Christianity was part of the cause of the decline of the great Roman Empire. In my opinion Christianity has nothing to do with the fall of the empire. It was just internal conflict and outside invasions that causes the fall not the religion. I believe that Christianity kind of help stable the empire a little. At the time of war people felt unsafe so Christianity gives them some sense of security to go to.

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