Christianity Legal Assignment

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In the Roman Empire, around the year 100, the Roman law made Charlatanry Illegal. If you were a Christian, and the Romans found out, you would be persecuted. It took about 200 years to make It legal, and we can thank Constantine. Constantine was a huge Influence on the Christians and he helped them thrive. The Christians were better off after Constantine declared Christianity legal because he issued the Edict of Milan, which granted freedom of worship to Christians in the Roman Empire.

They could no longer be punished by law for practicing or preaching their religion. The Christians moved from an “underground” to an “above ground. ” That meant that they were free and there were no more consequences or punishments. Also, it meant that they didn’t have to do it in secret anymore, but with pride about their religion to others. In the year 380, the emperor Theodosius declared paganism illegal and made Christianity the official religion of the empire.

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The Christians were also worse off after Constantine declared Christianity legal cause usually when one set of people are happy, and another set are angry. The true nature of Christianity began to be disguised, especially since it was associated with state power by a ruler who continued to act wickedly and hold the highest title of paganism. The mixture of paganism and Christianity made it very difficult for those who were true Christians and who had went through great suffering previously to spread the true faith as it had now become one among many even though a favored one.

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