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The period of classical decline gave birth to many great religions. As empires fell, religions began to emphasize devotion, piety and greater sense of afterlife. They spread into much of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Religions like Christianity and Islam produced new culture and took on a more unifying and dynamic function. Both Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions, both a development out of Judaic teaching, and both spread through conquest. However, when compared: Christianity developed many years before Islam, Christianity believes in the Trinity while in Islam

Trinity is rejected, and Christianity spread to the West and Islam to the East. Christianity and Islam are both monotheistic religions, meaning they both only believe in one God. In Islam, the first of the five pillars states “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. ” Exodus 20:3 from the Bible states, “You shall have no other Gods before me” Both Christianity and Islam developed out of Judaism. All three religions recognize their first prophet as Abraham and share prophets such as Jesus and Muhammad, though having different views about what each did.

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Lastly, both Christianity and Islam spread through conquest. In the late sass, Christopher Columbus spread Christianity to the Spanish conquistadors in Spain who then baptized natives in the West Indies. Similarly in 660 CE, with the start of the Mayday Caliph and in 627 CE, the spread of Islam began. Columbus did not originally set sail for the purpose of Christian expansion, but religion did play a central role in the ventures to the new world. For second and third expeditions, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ordered him to convert natives to Christianity.

Likewise, the Mayday and Basis empire conquests spread Muslim faith to the Middle East, North Africa, ND Southeast Asia. To control such a vast area, they ruled the dark al-LULAS as military conquerors and showed strong favoritism to Arab military aristocracy. They had at first resisted Islam, not converting until 627, but afterwards became prominent administrators under Muhammad and his Immediate successors. Columbus and the Mayday and Basis empire had the same thing In mind: they converted whom they conquered because there were no previous dominating religions to stop them from spreading Christianity and Islam to where they wanted.

Though similar In many ways, Christianity and Islam showed differences also. Christianity developed many years before Islam even began to show any sign of an Introduction. In 30 AD, Christianity began In Jerusalem and beginning the 7th century, Islam sprouted by the prophet Muhammad. Another difference between the two religions Is Christians believe In the Trinity (father, son, holy spirit), while Islam believes there Is only one personality of God. According to Christians, God exists In three beings. SST John 5:7 says “For there are three that bear record In heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. ” It says there Is a Father who Is God, Son who Is God, and Holy Split who Is God, yet there aren’t three Gods, but all are the same God. In contrast, Curran Sure 112 that 1-4 says, “He Is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetter not, nor Is He begotten; And there Is none Like unto Him. ” The last difference In Charlatanry and Islam Is Christianity spread to the West and Islam spread to the East.

Charlatanry spread collapsed in the West, kings started to adopt the Roman religion and sent missionaries to convert deeper into Europe. Islam started in present-day Saudi Arabia, spreading to the Middle East and Southeast Asia, like Indonesia. It all began because of the prophet Muhammad and his revelations. With Constantine famous edict of toleration, Christianity became the official religion of Rome. It brought many great benefits, such as the ability to promote faith, which influenced the development of Europe.

Spread of Islam to the East was through trade routes and the merchants that traveled along them. They brought their faith along with what they were selling. The Jews and Christians of cities the Arabs had conquered continued to follow their win religion as long as they paid the required tribute to the caliph’s treasury. The Caliphate extended the same privileges to Middle Eastern Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrian, but many wanted to convert because they thought that Muslims received special treatment.

There was no predominant world religion in either the East or the West so Christianity and Islam had a free pathway to conversions. Both Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions, both developed from Judaic teachings, and both spread through conquests. The differences between Christianity ND Islam are Christianity developed before Islam did, the people of Christianity believe in Trinity and the people of Islam only believe in one God, and Christianity spread to the West and Islam to the East.

Today, Christianity dominating about a third of the population and Islam a sixth are two of the major religions of the world. Religion unities people and make them feel like they belong somewhere. It answers questions like what the purpose of life is and if there is a God and if so who is he. Religion is an important part of society today and even people who are not all religious by nature consider it important.

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