Professional Ethics Case Study Assignment

Professional Ethics Case Study Assignment Words: 399

Helen decides to take her friend’s stolen exam answer, she would violate the school’s or her professor’s property because he was the one that created the exam. The exam answer belongs to the professor or the school so it would consider being their property. Helen would also violate the truth to Empire State University if she uses that exam answers to get a better grade for her qualification for summary UCM lauded. Cheating is dishonest and she will have to lie throughout her life to cover up her cheating for summary UCM lauded.

The Professor’s privacy is also being violated by Hellene best friend because something secretive only to him has been stolen. Exam answers are made only for the professor to see and kept hidden from the general public to prevent cheating, It is unfair between Helen and the other honest students if Helen cheats because they have worked hard to be able to qualify for summary UCM lauded while Helen would resolved to cheating for an A. Even though she works Just as hard as the other students, or maybe even harder than them, if she chooses to cheat, it will be meaningless once she gets caught.

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She doesn’t put much effort in to study for the exam so she does not deserve to get an A through cheating while the other students studies days and nights for their A or for the qualification of summary UCM lauded. Cheating is unwise because Hellene best friend might get caught stealing the exam answers and the school will trace it to Helen. She might lose her qualification for summary UCM lauded or even getting expelled from school, or worst she might lose her accepted position at Big & Apple LLC once they have been notified about her heating.

Her reputation will be damaged and where ever she goes, people will know that she cheated because it will be recorded on her school transcript. It will be hard for her to switch school or get a decent Job because of the cheating. Also Hellene best friend would be affected by this as well since she stole the exam. Hellene best friend might get arrested for stealing private property of the professor or the school and could get expelled along with Helen as well because she was apart of it,

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