Crime and Criminal Justice Process Assignment

Crime and Criminal Justice Process Assignment Words: 600

The term rehabilitation is defined as a ay to help somebody to return to good health or a normal life by providing training or therapy,”(LEALER 2002) In the following the paper I will discuss the four philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals, and go over the six forms of punishment. This paper also goes over the relationship between punishments and sentencing in today’s courts and discusses a few recommendations for how to modify the sentencing process to reduce recidivism rates.

Many question, if the punishment model really deter prisoners from wanting to go back to prison. Often the judge is looks at how serious the rime committed by the offender was, age, prior criminal record and other circumstances surrounding the crime before determining the sentencing or punishment through the court system. Sentencing is an important aspect in the criminal justice process. It is the punishment defendants receive when they are convicted of a crime. The punishment spectrum is wide and vast, ranging from probation to death.

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After carefully considering the four philosophical reasons; Retribution is the philosophy that a criminal’s punishment shall be determined on the severity of the crime he or she committed. Deterrence philosophy has two parts to it, which are the general and specific deterrence. The Deterrence philosophy is based on the fact that Crime -_Led a criminal will realize the punishment outweighs the crime that going to commit. Deterrence is the goal of sentencing deterred inhibit criminal behavior thoughts for the fear of the punishment This philosophy hopes to prevent the criminal from going throw criminal act.

The specific deterrence is based on the theory that once punished and released, will not want to commit another a receive the same punishment. Rehabilitation is the attempt to RL rimming offender, this is the state that the offender is said to be incarcerated, being incarcerated is said to be the most humane Rehabilitation is another means of trying to reduce criminal cacti Rehabilitation will teach a person not to commit further criminal restoration is the goal of criminal sentencing that attempts to m whole again.

It depends on the criminal offense against the off determines the punishment. Restoration is to get the offender t can live a life on their own. Basically get them to where they can world on their own without committing crimes. There are many forms of punishment. The justice system has of ways to punish or sentence someone. There are misdemeanant punishment and then there are felonies.

Punishment and sent depends on the crime and the judge that is doing the sentencing Limits of Criminal Sanction, Herbert Packer said that criminal should serve two purposes; “deserved infliction of suffering on “the prevention of crime” (Stravinsky,2009 up. 36-37). The six punishment include intensive supervision (Probation, parole, HCI incarceration, rehabilitation (drug rehab, counseling, etc. ), resist nines, capital punishment, and alternative punishments (comma When the crime committed is less serious the judge may use re: justice to provide a remedy. At the heart of restorative justice I! So, for example, a judge in Texas required a teenager who had thirteen schools to go to each school and apologize to the studs faculty. “(Mike, 2004) If fines are payable to the government or a committed such has hitting a telephone pole and not having ins your vehicle the judge may issue the offender to pay restitution direct payment to the victim or victims of a crime or possibly cool Irvine which is “good work” done around the community like CLC highways.

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