Organizational Ethics Assignment

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Not only do you want to make sure that the company that you work for is following all the laws that it needs to, you ant to be sure that they also respect human rights as well as know what is right from wrong or good from bad, and when someone goes against that, they are dealt with properly. The company that I chose to assess is the company that I am proud to work for, Wynn Resorts. Wynn Resorts are known for being the winner of the most Forbes five star awards in the world to their amazing entertainment values and shows (“Wynn Lass Vegas”, 2015). Wynn Resorts take their code of business conduct and ethics eve seriously.

We have policies and procedures set into place so that we can ensure we remain he winner and give our guests exactly what they need without bending social or business barriers, yet catering to our guest needs. External social pressures will always play an important role in how an organizations ethics are influenced. Not all external social pressures are good, yet being aware of them, we are able to stay in touch with the times and hopefully learn from them and move forward. With the internet being literally at everyone’s fingertips these days, companies are unable to ignore social pressures that their communities are placing on them.

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Organizations are constantly becoming more up to date on what is happening in rival business as well as their communities via social media. It is harder for companies to go against social norms due to the rapid forms of communication which keep their surrounding communities as well as businesses informed of how they are doing. If they are found to be treating their employees unfairly, it is sure to be taken to social media and the news will travel fast and far which in turn can hurt the company. Same goes for if they are doing right by their employees.

If hey are a company that is known to take care of their employees, more people will want to work for them which will help their supply and demand of a company and can increase business. At V”yen Resorts we take into great consideration to social expectations even if some of those expectations are not practiced where we live. Many companies and organizations are taking on the responsibility of cleaning up our environment and preserving our future. Although the state of Nevada is just breaking into reducing our waste management, it is not as harsh as some of the other neighboring states.

Wynn Resorts have taken these types of things into great consideration and practices going green from our staff cafe?? where all of our trays, plates and silverware are washable instead of throw away, to the products we keep in our guest rooms that are environmentally safe. When organizations are faced with social pressures, the issues need to be examined from a business perspective as well as a personal approach. Organizations must determine how these issues are relevant to their business. Organizations need to know how this is going to benefit them, and how is this going to impact the many on a personal level.

If an organizations community is taking part of major cleanups and is looking for sponsors, an organization may jump on the opportunity. Things like this show the community that they care and they want to take care of them, thus in return a community tends to put more trust in them and offers more business, which benefits both parties. If a community is having a negative response to the way a company is conducting themselves, the company may find that the community will boycott them, which brings no business and a very big loss of trust which hurts a company’s petition and future.

When it comes to judging the relationship between legal and ethical issues, it depends on the situation. Legal issues can be dealt with through a court system; things like breaking a law would be part of this. Ethical issues are a little different. This is the right or wrong indicator in a person. This could be things like discrimination against people or conducting side deals. Ethical issues are seen more universally as opposed to legal issues that tend to be dealt with via law systems. For Wynn Resorts, we have a code of conduct set in place.

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