Negative influence on Media Assignment

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The media has a negative Influence on our youth. The things the news portrays are mostly negative events and problems. Some of the TV shows and commercials that are influencing the kids are not the ones that should be glorified. Music videos portrayed on television are also what the youth are admiring and trying to be like instead of inventing their own self. I believe the most important thing to do is for us to teach the youth to still be there selves and they can be anything. Myself personally

I stop watching the news because of the depressing things that are repeated dally and nightly. As kids looking at the news today they see more killings. Robberies, Illegal actions, and more. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any because that just wouldn’t be realistic at what’s going on around us, but there should be Just as much good being advertised. You want to youth to know that the society is Just not about crimes and violence but there are a lot of people in the community that does good as well especially In the African-American community.

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There are not Just black people killing lack people but also black people helping black people. Another thing Is some TV shows and commercials. One of If not the most popular TV show today Is called Scandal. A TV show based on the president of the united States falling in love with his advisor while being married. Eve seen so many young girls love the relationship they have but fail to observe the obvious of it being an affair. I can understand in loving to see love but they don’t even know that it’s wrong in the first place. The lady in the show by the name of Olivia is very much so over glorified.

Eve seen way to any people wanting to be her and have the wrong type of love she has. Now also there have been commercials that typically wouldn’t make It on during the day because of some vulgar activities are now coming on during day time hours. You try to have a cut off time for the youth because of the fact more adult shows and things come on during the night time. It’s getting harder to do now when you have those things making it to the light though. Also I believe Music and videos are the biggest things that have an influence on our youth.

It’s partially the artist fault at times but ally the media because they pick and choose what they want to display to get viewers. I know in the African-American communities it’s influenced our youth very heavily. The youth values seem to change as the songs change. A lot of the youth look at these videos and believe that’s the way they need to carry themselves to get accepted. The way most young guys treat girls are just reflections from what they’ve seen on TV and vice versa when It comes to girls. You see more girls talking about there a “Boss” and everyone Is putting money before everything.

The media has the potential to show both positive and negative things’ but I highly doubted. It’s been proven that people love violence and bad rather than positive. We have to adjust the messages that we choose to put out to the world. There needs to be equally or a closer gap than what it is. The bad out weights the good so much that you may not even catch the positive things that happen around you. As parents, guardians, and family we have to stay on top of our youth to let them know there’s more to life and tenure Torture teen wants portray In ten meal

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