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“What is your definition of ethics? ” For me, the definition of ethics is a principal behavior based on morally good or bad. It also the branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions. Ethics had many definitions but it mostly based on the actions of an individual or a group of people, it’s a bout what is right and what is wrong. Ethics applied to everything including feelings, laws, fairness, society, human’s rights, etc.

The institutions that we elp to shape it up to live up to it standards that are reasonable and fair. When I was little before I moved to America, I did not know what is ethic heck did not even know any English. lived 1 1 years of my life in Vietnam and only see Vietnamese people everyday. When I moved to America, I saw a lot of new things never seen in my life. There were many different races, languages, religions, cultural, etc. I was shocked and surprises since I did not know how to act and talk to these people.

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When I entered Parklawn Elementary School, I started to learn about English and other subjects that elp me understand, and build my ethics. learned not to be judgmental base on their skin or religions, or even genders. I also learned that everyone is equal, no one is superior to anyone. This help me make new friends and adapted to a whole new environment. Racism is something that still exists; I do see it happened sometimes around my workplace, school, the news, public places, and even on the road. As time pass by, learned more about our society from history class and through experiences.

Our society moral is all about the equality of human’s rights due to the populated of the people who lived in America. My personal code of ethics is the moral of behavior and to decide the right actions and not the wrong actions. It was created based on my list of value hierarchy that I developed throughout the year. My list of value hierarchy is peacefulness, truthfulness, fairness, happiness, acceptance, integrity, honesty, forgiveness, love, adventure, dedication, adoration, adaptability, achievement, and compassion.

We all lived in a world of freedom; it is peaceful but dangerous thing to happen everywhere. People want the truth not a lie that the medias or others feed them with. Truthfulness and honesty s the key in everything, your relationship with people, your family, and friends. people want to be treat fairly, not unfairly like men is better than women, or white is more superior than other races. No, we do now want to be treated like that. All of it is in the past and nowwe are in a more modernization society, everything is different and everyone is equal.

Happiness is a feeling everyone want to express and receive for the rest of their life. They experience it through friends, family, events, places, or anything that make them smile. Dedication, adoration, and achievement are big points that help me develop my code of ethics. When people are dedicate and adore something that they believe in, they fight for it and work hard to reach the goal they set in life. Achievement can only be obtained through hard works and determination to reach where you want it to be.

Acceptance and forgiveness is a good combo to use to developing your code of ethics. People tend to be judgmental and they don’t even get to know people but instead they judges others based on their look, races, languages, and manners. If you can’t accept others then it is hard for others to forgive you. You could go and make your friend mad at you for something you did, hey will forgive you right away. When you judge others, make them mad, and then expect them to forgive you then that will be hard. Forgiveness can only be earned through your honesty and sincerity that you show people.

Adventure and adaptability is what help me understand ethic better. moved from a country full of Asians to a country full of different races, and thought it was weird for me since never seen them in my 11 years of life before, but to me exploring and learning about different countries and the people who live in those countries was like an adventure. Being a adapt to environment make me realize about judgment and observe the surrounding, you will see an African American over there, a white American in their parking lot, etc.

They are not much different from me, they are human just like myself, and they have every right to be here in the United States like me. When I first experience an ethical dilemma is when I was in middle school. We were all just children who still don’t understand the word ethic fully like most people do. I have different friends that I talked to, and thought everything was fine until an argument broke out in the cafeteria at school. My friend was telling these two Hispanic guys to stop talking in Spanish; and speak English nstead since this is America.

I guess she just wanted them to talk in a language that others could understand but in a way she kind of offended them. The United States is a free country so they are allowed to speak their mother language so these guys thought she was making fun of them or something like that. They were arguing with my friend and she asked me to back her up. That was when I couldn’t decide on what to do. did not want to be involved in it, but at the same time my friend is asking me to help her. I don’t know what to do or say since I didn’t want to offend either side.

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