Personal Code of Ethics Assignment

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?Personal Code of Ethics Personal code of ethics influence us a lot in our everyday activities. They influence us in our decisions, the way we interact with others depending upon their nature, the way we choose our close friends, the way we behave, the way we show our anger and tolerance. Personal code of ethics are nature of person that shows in his actions and behaviors. They are naturally made depending on our preferences, the society we live and their influence on us. Always parents are the first level of influence from childhood.

From my parents I learned what is right and what is wrong in today’s world. They taught me how to respect others and how to behave with others, never show your anger or try to hurt anybody. The way, they take care of us right from childhood till we become independent. That shows that you should be responsible enough to take care of your family and your younger brother’s and sister’s in the family. They teach us the value of the family. Second level of influence are friends and teachers in the school and college, fortunately I always got good friends. That helped me understand the value of friendship.

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Teachers helped me understanding the value of knowledge and how the knowledge will increase if you share that with others, they help us choosing the right career path. Third level of influence is workplace environment, the team you are working with, and your colleagues. At the workplace you learn many things, good & bad. As good ethics what I learned is collaboration, co-operation. At the same time you come across many bad things too but it solely depends on you what you take it. I always try to stay away from office politics but sometimes others force you and you unknowingly become part of it and whatever you do but you cant avoid it.

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