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In this paper I will discuss the primary actions and responsibilities of the Human Resource Management team, and the significant aspects that all come together for optimal functioning. I will address how my new found understanding of human resources will lead me to better relate to my own career path. I started this class without any knowledge of just how essential human resource management is, and now I have a new found respect for it. Will describe the multi-faceted aspects of human resource management and how it relates to the organization where I work.

Human resource management (HARM) is the managing of human skills, knowledge and abilities and making sure they are used efficiently and on track with an organization’s goals. With the lagging economy, the importance of a strategic plan to meet the goals of the organization, is imperative. HARM implements the procedures for deciding how to allocate organizational resources to achieve these goals. HARM also incorporates strategies and policies to achieve the company’s goals while meeting the employees and the organization’s needs. According to (Houses,C. 01 2) “Effective HARM practices eve been shown to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and directly contribute to corporate financial performance (Hustled, 1995). ” Recruiting and selection of employees is handled by the HARM team. Knowledge of methods to recruit helps me know what they are looking for and ways to make a good impression on an interview. I now know the importance of an employee performance evaluation and the HARM role in using the results to boost the organization’s strategic plan, so I can see the big picture at work. E our organization’s HARM and the progress they have made, and their shortcomings as well after taking this course. At the Head Start agency where I work, HARM team implements policies and practices that directly support the major objectives and competitive strategy of the organization. We are a non-profit organization, competing for federal grants, which are based on our compliance to stringent guidelines. If we do not meet these guidelines, any organization that can better fulfill the guidelines of the population we serve, can replace us. That is why having an effective HARM team is so important.

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Our agency like many others today is facing rapid technological changes and budget constraints. The HARM department must recess, develop and implement HER policies that directly support the major objectives and competitive strategy of the organization. This ,in my opinion the most important aspect of the Harm’s many responsibilities. Without policies that work to achieve the goals, the business fails. Our HARM department must gather and document information about the major responsibilities, duties, and tasks Of each job in our organization, as well as the major types of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job.

They must assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities of job applicants in order o make accurate hiring decisions in the recruitment process. They must develop an effective and competitive benefits package to recruit and retain employees. They are responsible for training and development of employees to ensure we are keeping up on professional growth and changing procedures. They also support the employees career development, by obtaining relevant information from employees (such as personality traits, aptitudes, values, and job preferences) in order to plan the careers within an organization.

The employee’s job analysis is facilitated by the HARM to describe he responsibilities of the position. They also are responsible for gathering the performance evaluation which rates the employee’s abilities performing the job. All of this must be done in compliance with the requirements of local, state, and federal laws. When executed properly all of these aspects come together and companies will succeed. All of these responsibilities are in addition to listening and responding to employees’ concerns and complaints. This fundamental area of HER management involves a myriad of skills and technical expertise. HER managers must establish and build influential HER yester and programs that effectively support and Serve these purposes. ” (Houses,C. 2012 chap. 1. 3) Our agency has come to the realization along with many others that people are our most valuable resource. ” Being dependent upon people working in the organization it is imperative that their needs are met. ” Effective HARM leads to effective management of the organization in totality. At macro level, HARM plays a catalytic role as a change agent in the organization.

If the organization fails to manage the human element it will be very difficult to forecast the growth of the organization; because organizations exist only for the people they serve. ” (Kara, A. 2012) Because of the emphasis on people in the organization, the HARM must implement strategies to orchestrate cultural change. “Organizational cultures are very difficult to change once they are created because they become perceived as the correct, mutually agreeable, and safest way to do things. ” (Houses,C. 2012 chap. 1. 4) Our organization provides a good example of orchestrating cultural change.

Our mission statement is to serve low income families. Most of the employees myself included, were low income parents who were hired to teeter themselves financially. Our agency had been utilizing this practice for years. Unfortunate in today’s competitive market, they have found there are other prerequisites necessary to perform the job. The federal government issued a mandated issue of more educational requirements for employment. Our agency informed us of the changes giving us forecasted deadlines to obtain our degrees. They invested in trainings to promote education, and stipends for completion.

The HARM team had to determine if it was beneficial to train and educate current employees or spend more funds on recruitment Of new ones. We also have implemented a new software system to track information on our families. In 1 999 when I was hired, in wasn’t necessary to use a computer. Now it is an integral part of our day to day duties. Can see the change in our organization. Now at trainings we have educated professionals, where once were people who took care of children. There are men in the classroom now, and we are teachers, not just babysitters.

This was orchestrated cultural change and although it has taken time, it is working. We now have a highly committed , competent workforce due to this change and employee development. Employee development is encouraged in our organization, obviously it is beneficial to view other positions from experience. According to our text “Training can also have a positive effect on an organization’s rate of employee retention. Workers are on the lookout for employers who offer and promote training and career advancement. Training and career development are valued more highly than high salaries, and they contribute to job satisfaction.

Therefore, training plays a critical role in attracting and retaining talent (Height, 1 993 chap. 7. 1 I’m scheduled to attend trainings November 19th through November 20th. Topics are being offered such as Dealing with Difficult People, how to properly communicate successfully with skills. I will also attend a presentation by the Anti-Defamation League On embracing a “World of Difference. Also scheduled is a workshop on cultural proficiency. All of these trainings not only benefit the organization, but give me skills I can utilize for a lifetime.

My organization obviously offers the mandatory benefits such as Social Security, Workers Compensation, Cobra benefits and the Family Leave Act. They also offer health care benefits, 401 K plan with contributions and life insurance. Eat discounted Cost car, which is a membership warehouse retailer, and discounted gym membership. I get vacation, sick, and bereavement leave, and although I get laid off for the summer, I can collect unemployment.

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