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The Aka Corporation of Korea is making a big push into the European car market. Many European consumers perceive Korean cars to be of poorer quality than comparable European cars. Assuming that Aka produces cars which are of equal or better quality than European cars, how can the company persuade consumers of this fact? 4. Should the marketer of a popular computer graphics program prefer consumers to make internal or external attributions about the success that people have using the program? Explain your answer. 5.

The Public Transport Authority in New South Wales is planning an advertising impacting to encourage people to switch from private cars to mass transit. Give examples of how the department can use the following strategies to change commuters’ attitudes: Changing the basic motivational function. A) b) Changing beliefs about public transport. Using self-perception theory. C) d) Using cognitive dissonance. 6. A university student has Just purchased a new laptop computer. What factors might cause this individual to experience post-purchase dissonance?

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How might the student try to overcome it? How can the retailer who sold the computer help reduce the student’s dissonance? How can the computer’s manufacturer help? Post-purchase dissonance is when a consumer may re evaluate their decision about buying the product after its been purchased. For a customer to experience this behavior, they are either unsure about what they have purchased and are feeling like they shouldn’t have bought it as they didn’t need the laptop. It is also often used as impulse buying.

After evaluating the benefits about the laptop it is common for customers to feel ensure about their decision, as they always hope to make the right decision in their purchasing behavior. The degree of post-purchase dissonance depends on the importance of the product decision and the experience acquired in using the product. To overcome the issue, the student may… The retailer should persuade the buyer to a great extent, in the sense that ensuring that the product they are wishing to purchase fulfils all their needs and wants, to reduce the amount of negative post-purchase dissonance.

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